Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures


Margaret and Terry Parker live on 5 acres of land just out of Tauranga NZ. The property is ear shaped and was originally a gorse and weed infested patch, hence – Pig’s Ear. Nowadays it is landscaped garden with only the odd weed and patch of gorse. Fourteen years of hard work has gone into the property. Terry is a sculptor and several of his Hinuera stone sculptures are dotted about the property. He also does some more quirky sculpture including a wire pink pig.

However every now and again, like once a year, we get hit with the urge to see buildings older than 200 hundred years and involve ourselves with different cultures. We love NZ though and like getting to different parts of our country. Margaret is a South Islander and needs a regular Southern Alps ‘fix’.


  1. Hi guys,

    Having been through the tattoo phase (alas, also only black dots allowed), I can empasthise alittle with the daily grind of the radiation machines. But I have come through that bit and am now only being subjected to Herceptin infusions every three weeks and the odd ehcocardiogram.

    Anyway reason for contact is that I can provide a refuge from the world of hospitals and cancer Lodges if you need it at any time. I have a quiet studio and spa out the back, wifi and cups of tea and feijoa chutney and can do cheese scones on demand! I am also very close to the city, hospital, cancer lodge, claudelands, five crossroads, 17 Bailey Ave to be specific. phone 8556503 or 0272188707.

    Love to see you at any time be a change from catching up at Cooks Beach. Lots of love and thinking of you. Rose and Scott

  2. Hello,
    I am the young teacher schooled in who you met while at the Lodge. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your website. I hope the treatment is going well and the socialising has continued 🙂

  3. Jackie Campbell

    August 3, 2012 at 6:38 am

    Hi Margaret have tried to email you at but it has bounced back, have you changed your email address.

    Love Jackie

  4. Christine Kappelle

    August 27, 2012 at 7:17 pm

    Hi Aunty Peg, Not sure how to get hold of you as my email bounced back… have been trying to get hold of you for several days now to let you know that Uncle Len passed back into spirit on Sunday 26th August, 5pm, peacefully at the Ashburton Hospital. Uncle Bruce and I have organised the service, to be held at Patersons Funeral Home on Wednesday 29th August, 2pm, followed by interment at the Ashburton Cemetery. Obviously you may not be able to make it. I think Elaine has made contact with Julian so hopefully you are aware of this news by now.

    Apologies for contacting you this way.

    Lots of love,

  5. Hi Aunty Peg,

    Sandra here, Chris was telling me about your website, so I thought that I would email and say hi. I am sorry that werent able to make Uncle Len’s funeral, Apart from that life goes on as usual, work , family blah blah blah, we are living in Riccarton now as the house we were in was damaged in the earthquakes, but it is quite nice to be living on this side of town where the damage is minimal, plus its only up the road from the local high school where Hayden my son goes, hard to believe he is 13 years old already! Anyway it would be lovely to hear from you at some stage, hope all is well with you,

  6. I finally looked up your website Margaret — don’t know how to move around in it, but found this page and wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about Terry. I was hoping to find news about you. I have to leave Library now where I am using their High Speed, but will do more looking at this website next time I am at Library.
    I will think positive thoughts for both of you.

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