1. So ten days since  email contact…. my sim wasnot that successful maybe another provider may have been better. Who knows..

The Lena just goes on forever, sometimes over 3 k wide sometimes a few furious hundred metres wide. 

We missed a number of stops due to damaged sort of wharves and wild river  and we were stuck on a sand bank for 36 hours!!! It was  quite a pleasant place, just one family- related of course to our guide!!! lots of big fish were caught by our crew and passengers, pike and sturgeon, BIG fish!!!! No pikkies as I never took my phone ashore for the party where we drank more vodka and had fish soup whilst waiting to be pulled off the  sandbank. Eventually two tugs appeared and did the deed in the middle of the night.

Tiksi the furthermost landing point in the Arctic Circle was  not able to be breached as the wharf was damaged- wharf being a euphemistic term for rusted old barges. The day before we landed  at Kyusur . A ghastly place, with rotting buildings, high unemployment  and no obvious way of supporting the population of mainly begging children and drunken women. About 2000 people subsist there, these places have just been left to rot as the Soviet era ended and nothing has taken its place. Tiksi looked just as bad.

A sobering experience which took many vodkas onboard to alleviate. 

Loads of sandflies,, my bitepatches have been great. Little buggers bite thru clothing. Temps have plummeted since Yakutz but now even there has nosedived, just about to land back there tomorrow  and has been 11, today.

Now anchored off  Sottinsky , pouring with rain, so not going ashore to the faux rusticated fort. Similar to Tilsi seen days ago!!!

Food on board has been fine, vodka cheap and NZ co mainly OK. Group of Swedes very bullish and Germans as you would expect.

Wildlife very sparse, someone saw a wolf, someone saw a reindeer herd? Few birds  and msny many birch forests before we got to the tundra where there was not much of anything!!! 

Come again-no!!! Mongolia possibly!!!!

Cat was sighted at the fishing village

upside down Margaret at the same place

Gangway constantly caused problems

Place where we spent 36 hours

Winter accommodation in Khysur

Guns casually leaning against the back wall