Is deeply involved with Sth Korea so no McDonalds!!!

Hotel is fine but supposedly five star- future accommodation has me worried!

Absented myself from the group welcome dinner and had room service and two healthy slugs if my duty free vodka, slept well!

UB is a mad mix of architecture, Russian/Chinese communist style, blocks of flats , yurts and tower blocks with Deloittes signage on!!

One night here than out to a ger camp(beam me up Scotty) then back here for three nights- who planned this, definitely not me. 

Visiting a National Park today. Plus a nomadic family- gosh I bet they are thrilled!! I always feel uneasy about those sorts of visits. 

Group has factioned, the blobdes in white trou, the scruffy men , the two couples , and the strays, I am in the latter. 

12 c going up to 26.