The Lena Pillars are’a natural rock formation along the banks pf the Lena River.’

We went South and there they were  80 kms of Cambrian Limestone  PIllars filled with  fossils. It si now a UNESCO site and the National Park covers 4850 km2.

Lots of forest, larch, beech and alders. Wildflowers everywhere. Obligatory white shaman who made everyone dance in a circle- a few holdout kiwis… then have their foreheads daubed with charcoal.

Most people then walked up into the bush along a

well maintained track/boardwalk up to the top of one of the pillars. I went as far as the steps and gave it a miss. Lovely and peaceful walking back thru the bush but the warning signs for bears were a bit daunting.

Very dramatic landscape.

There is a big group of Swedes on the boat- they are huge people, have been nicknamed the Vikings.

Getting on board yesterday was painless, my cabin is fine, dreary decor but whole ship is  shades if brown.

Food is Ok but will seem monotonous after far plenty of vegies. We stopped at a supermarket on the way to the ship and everyone who drinks stocked up with nibbles and vodka. We may need kore supplies the way we are going!

Sprayed myself liberally with anti bug this am and had a huge allergic reaction, sniffled sneezed  etc still at it hours later, Bison tomorrow!!!Have turned around and heading north again.200 passengers on board.