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Takhi or PrezewalskiHorses

Another post! Too tired last night to write about the above. It was thought all bands of wild horses had died out all over the world. These are the ones with the head different to todays domesticated horses , think cave painting horses, but the Polish guy above  discovered a few in the Central Gobi region  in the 1890s. A few were shipped back to  Hanover and ? .

Sometime in the 60’s, check google for accuracy a decision wasmade to bring some back from there to whence they came. This area of thousands of hectares became Khustai National Park. There were only  28 brought back and nowadays there are 500 in the park looked after by16 rangers. There is an information centre, 35 gers, a reasonable restaurant , all 250 ks from UB over secondary roads and many dirt ones so you need to be keen. They were the nicest gers we stayed in.

There are also breeding kennels for the bankhar dogs in the park, curses C as I never reread the article till I was on the train.

We all piled in to two Russian 4 wheel drives about 7 pm and headed out over a windy narrow dirt road driven by a Stirling Moss Ranger to find the horses. Saw hinds, 12 stags on a ridge, and marnots, big rabbity things(saw dear wee jerbils a few days before) and a few horses. All an identical creamy colour with darker manes, small gene pool.

After about an hour and only a few  horses in the distance , we turned back and lo and behold just on dusk there was a harem, as it is called, two stallions and about 12 horses, drinking at a huge puddle on the road. We took zillions of photos and returned to the camp feeling very David Attenboroughish.

The park is run by a NGO and we had an interesting   lecture on the horses  by a staff member before we went out.

Also saw loads of wild flowers, alliums, pink comvolulous, white astilbes, wild thyme and loads of chamomile. Pasture was much lusher in the park as no herds os goats etc. The farmers in the group said it is noticeable that there is overgrazing in many places, due to the increased goat herds, oh dear better return my cashmere. 

Birth rate in Mongolia is static since abortion was made legal. Mothers of four children receive a Mothers Medal, each child thereafter they receive a higher grade of recognition . Plus there is a family pension paid. Saw some old crones with several medals on their chests but never managed to get a pikkie.





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  1. Really interesting – good to see a species come back like that. Keep up the stories. Enjoy you hotel!!

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