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Nadaam 2

Out bright and early on an overcast day . Off on our trusty brocaded wheeled steed to the National Stadium. Built in 1953 to hold 15000  on Nadaam Opening Day tickets for 20,000 are sold at 25$ ea  . Some temporary seating goes in but we had covered stand tickets along with about 500 other foreigners.

Seats are very very close together you have knees in your back but we were in a good spot. View down the stadium. Parade started at 10.30 and the opening ceremony at 11 am. Then a performance that went on for two hours think Olympic Opening Ceremony with dancers, costumes and loud music towards the end Korean Pop  which is v popular.

The performance told the story of the development of Mongolia from 1 BC to the present day, an epic and done very well. On the running track endless parades if horses, camels( did you know they waggle thier humps when annoyed?), reluctant bullocks pulling carts, soldiers, gymnasts on skegways!!!! It was all there…

The President, small man, brown traditional costume and black hat  spoke lengthily… 

Many locals were in traditional dress, women a cross between a cheongsam and a belted robe and the men in long sleeved tunics sometimes with a jacket over the top with one side tucked under the arm to enable them to hold a bow  apparently. Ornate belts, tight pants and yummy boots, topped off with a bog standard brimmed hat.

Performance o er we went locally for lunch, pushing and shoving thru 20k people then back to the stadium to watch the mens wrestling- lots of pushing and shoving not much throwing, heats go on for three days. Then over to a knuckle bone throwing competition, very serious, aim is to knock the bone off its base from 15 m with another piece of bone. Then the archery, 75 m for men 65 for women. Looked great with some spectacular whatever archers call their shots.

Then  more cashmere buying , dinner and bed. Great day


  1. Jan Carpenter

    July 13, 2019 at 8:10 am

    Margaret, sounds like your having a wonderful time……loving the blogs.
    Envious of your temps.
    Have had grandchildren staying all week, and only just able to read your colourful blogs in bed with a cuppa.

  2. Hi. Jo and Gareth Morgan also in the same region – similar photos and commentary from them re the wrestling but an amazing way to get people together, dress up and play silly games. Imagine what a national sports day would look like in NZ?!

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