A Russian sim card. Well I have one installed but it is proving strangely reluctant to work.

We had free time yesterday afternoon until we went off to a local Indian? /Eskimo tribe for a traditional welcome. The Mammoth Museum was closed. So before the time to go to the welcome I scuttled off to a phone shop. $12 for a month. Internet should be accessible at the odd place on the river. If you do not hear from me I have wasted $12.

Welcome was long and full of chanting and waving burning feathers in our faces. Ended with more chanting and the placing of a furry beaded pendant around our necks. Very hot with 18 of is jammed in and the need for a fire for part of the ceremony.

I declined dinner  and came home in stately splendour alone in the bus. Later this morning we  transfer to the boat for lunch then back ashore to do a shopping a round, diamonds and supermarket for more vodka!!!

It is cooler here morning and night but hot during the day, biteys are out, so head net on foe the first time yesterday. Bitten on the bum by a horsefly!!