Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Day: July 8, 2019

Ulan Bataar

Is deeply involved with Sth Korea so no McDonalds!!!

Hotel is fine but supposedly five star- future accommodation has me worried!

Absented myself from the group welcome dinner and had room service and two healthy slugs if my duty free vodka, slept well!

UB is a mad mix of architecture, Russian/Chinese communist style, blocks of flats , yurts and tower blocks with Deloittes signage on!!

One night here than out to a ger camp(beam me up Scotty) then back here for three nights- who planned this, definitely not me. 

Visiting a National Park today. Plus a nomadic family- gosh I bet they are thrilled!! I always feel uneasy about those sorts of visits. 

Group has factioned, the blobdes in white trou, the scruffy men , the two couples , and the strays, I am in the latter. 

12 c going up to 26.

Hong Kong

Is out there somewhere but apart from a few jagged

typically Asian hills could be anywhere. Flight was fine, managed a good few hours sleep and innards behaved  because I ate minimally- sigh all the luvvy booze and food. Arrived at 7.30  and it has taken till 11.15 to get thru to the gate for Ulan  Bataar.

Seat 40 D I think that is in the cargo hold. Had a bit of a biffo getting thru the luggage check. Same drug bag has been with me for years and for years a nail file has been lurking at the bottom of it, determined little  man almost ransacked my bag like a terrier , but he found it. Bugger wish I had it now as nails are snagging. 

Quite  warm .

The group, well all I can say is it looks like a garden club group crossed with a tramping club with a few token males thrown in.

Photo is of the group lurking at HK airport. 18 of us  including the tour leader who comes across  as an amiable bungler. He left one woman behind in his bumbling to get us on the bus to the hotel. Her visa was incorrect( she should have checked it) , he finally 

Realised he was one short and went back for her. She was v cranky but wasn’t he lucky it was not me!!!


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