… not the Wellington show….

Morning Lecture on the nights performance then  just time to whip around the corner to a fabulous deli called Bread and Butter to get lunch and snacks for later. Even deli prices are high, enough for lunch, yummy salads, some fruit for later , a tiny container of nuts and a muesli bar came to nearly 50$ nz….

PM was a visit to the JP Morgan library. The family were the biggest bankers in the US from about 1880 onwards- today?

His library contained30,000 books. i recognised Winnie the Pooh, Gullivers Travels …a fantastic jewel encrusted bible from the 12th century.There are another 300,000 books stashed somewhwre. The walls of his actual study were dotted with Renaissance art, some of the lesser known artist but Renaissance just the same. The ceiling of his study, about 15 m high was lined with panels from the same era….

Back to the hotel suitably chastened as to my place in the scheme pf things….

Long opera tonight, out at 5.15 and back at 11.45 pm.

Same brilliant set, opera was Des Valykries. Act one, mmm, act two , mmmm, more lively than last night, well incest spices it up. 4000 people fit into the Met and the four opera season for the Ring Cycle was sold out. Our seats are great in the stalls and the prompter thank heavens was working. Last act- the Valkyries opened the secene and at last the magnificent set was used to its  optimum. Brunhilde, lead Valykyrie and daddy Gods favourite had gone against his wishes so she was to be punished by death . It was commuted to a semi  permananent sleep surrounded by fire so only the bravest man could get to her. She was also stripped of her semi mortal status. Melodramatic, sure, another incestuous relationship, possibly, whatever, it was the most powerful and moving scene I have ever seen on stage. All around me people were crying, me included. A very subdued bis load returned to the hotel.

No opera tonight, day of being a tourist, walk the high line, visit the Whitney museum then lunch at Dal Posto. 

The lectures I now realise make the operas so much more accessible, but all I want now is more like Act three…