Later start this am , quick zip around Sydney, smaller population (20,000) than Halifax. Has a real success story with its First Nation tribe-Manatoucs, they have a thriving parallel town. 

Sydney area had huge coalmines, still has one today , it is under the sea, golly that gives me the willies just thinking about it.

Visited a small museum in the Wentworth area which was/is very multicultural and now has Unesco status.

Wooden houses, some quite scruffy but I guess that goes with the climate which must play havoc with paint. Too expensive to build in stone or brick as it has to be brought in.

Poles, Lebanese, Blacks, Chinese, Greeks you name it they all came here to either work in the steel mills, now gone or in the coal mines. Not nearly  as  prosperous as Halifax. No way could I access anywhere that sold sim cards so am parked up in a cafe drinking cheap coffee  and eating carbohydrates. 

Even colder here and expected to rain and blow so better get hopping back to the boat.



Lovely duo on board last night

Severe landscape, wooden houses

Wild blueberry bushes