V chilly, leaves not even furled let alone tightly. Golly Nova Scotia has a turbulent past, typical English /French shenanigans. Strong Scottish influence. Gaelic is taught in schools!!!

The fort on top of the hill in Halifax has mock soldiers all done up in kilts, students hired for the summer.Nova Scotia even has its own tartan. The accent is softer here than in USA.

Went on a seven hour tour here and even got to hold a lobster had to ooh and aah… There is only about three inches of topsoil on the area around Halifax so fishing and tourism are all the go. Very few flowers, very few gardens, just too harsh an environment. Walked thru  the Victoria Gardens, small cheese compared to NZ public gardens but we do not have months of snow. Tulips only just in bud.

Bleak landscape but would be softer in summer when/if the leaves ever get out. Chowder for lunch in a pretty manky cafe but the chowder was good.

Still cold, about 10c by the time we got back to the bus. Guide was shorter than me but not quite as old…

Boat building is big here and the Canadian Navy has a strong presence. Tourism is up there too as an earner. Someone made a very bold  move with the boat building , set up training programmes, free training for the needed trades as long as they agreed to an apprenticeship. 


Houses along the coast

Sideways Margaret

Lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove

Houses at above

Trees  trees  and more trees

Cemetry in Halifax has 129 Titanic victims buried in it

Boat building area

Fort with a finger

Downtown(Halifax seems v prosperous