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  1.  Pikkies

1 leaving Ny 2 . Outside Bolosud restaurant, sun!!! 3. Gray New England 4. More gray NE but closer
















Was /Is the name of the last opera in Wagner’s Ring Cycle. Not too wildly different from Tolkein’s own Ring Cycle. Similar in viewing length. This last saga  was 51/2 hours.Because the staging was so fantastic and the singing pretty damn good  time passed quickly but it was midnight before we got back to the hotel and my train left at 10 am next day!! Not sure at this stage if I would go to another ring cycle.

Getting a bit too casual, wore jeans to the lunch and same jeans to the met- covered by my nice coat!!!!

The last day in NY was jam packed- well sort of, two hour lecture  and a long lunch at Boloud Sud, not the Miichelin starred one but the one near the Met. Again, fabulous food, going to be hard going back to my usual rations usually eaten in my room!

Goodbye to the group, interesting lot of people and I really enjoyed Pam’s company ,we may venture another tour with Academy. Currently misplaced your email address, must be in the luggage mountain but email if you do not hear from me soon. The silver fox redeemed himself after the inappropriately long first lecture with lectures that made the operas accessible. 

So last morning in NY all made more difficult by a round the Boroughs cycle race which closed 6th Av which I had to get across to get to Penn Station.

Decided I would leave about 8.15 before the race started- mistake ,race started at 8!! The well tipped concierge from day one discussed the sutuation with the lesser tipped doorman. The latter took my two cases casually in one hand and said follow me!!! Concierge said he would look after the door!! All of this in pouring rain. Pedestrians were allowed across sixth av at intervals, I held onto the doormans coat like a five year old… Got a taxi, doorman stood in thee middle of seventh Av and flagged one down, I would still be waiting. More tipping, down to Penn Station, homeless man took my large bag down the escalator, more tipping, then along to the waiting room for Amtrak. Redcaps!!! I had read about them but never seen or used them. They really  are porters who take you and your luggage to the train, easy peasy, set tip, 20$ for one person. Counted up the amount of tips to get me on the train, 41$us….Tiny bag and it would probably have only been the taxi ….

Train comfortable and very fast . Slept part of the way with my head on the table-very elegant.The closer we got to Boston the tighter the leaves were furled. Daffs in full bloom , finished in Ny. Also picture postcard New England towns. Four and a half hour trip.

Got an uber at Back Bay station , Somalian who asked me where I was from , hearing NZ he went into raptures over Jacinda!!! He even carried my tiresome bags up the nasty stairs to Newbury House. Not pleased with guest house, obviously palmed off with the room over the cafe, made my displeasure felt and was virtually told to shut up or shift! Breakfast was probably one of the worst I have ever been served. Meat patties which looked like something to sole shoes…soggy french toast…,urgh. If I had had more than two hours sleep Sataurday night probably would have shipped out…should have….all this joy  for 300 $. Weather is cold but not raining.Here for five more days…sigh would have preferred two more days in NY.


  1. Jan Carpenter

    May 7, 2019 at 8:33 am

    Margaret, just caught up with your blogging while sitting outside having porridge. More beautiful weather, and daily clear blue skies and no wind.
    Your comments are positive and enjoyBoston!!!!luv JnG

  2. Have posted to you, but not appearing to be recorded

  3. Both appeared at the same time….Saw the sun for the first time in days….

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