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Das Rheingold

First of the operas last night. Suffice to say I was underwhelmed.  The set was spectacular , a series of large slabs which moved from horizontal to vertical at will. Huge effect as this giant edifice  cavorted across the stage. However it diminshed the actors and annihilated the music, neither seemed grand enough for the staging. This is an opinion I must keep to myself as the rest are all oohing and aahing. P who I spent time with yesterday , shared shopping interest, felt the same but we quickly realised that it was not an opinion to share. 430$ us a ticket… guess you feel you must like it. But hey, T and I left the Kirov ballet in St Petetsburg before the second act… maybe I am just a philistine.

We were well briefed by the silver fox, just as well as in my row the prompters were not working..

Lovely being droppedoff and collected by mini bus for the opera outing. A convoy of taxis to get to the Gallery.

Trip to the Metropolitan Art Gallery was interesting as the tour manager guided  us very knowledgeably 

thru part of the American section.  Great salad lunch in the cafe…then walked back to the hotel, 80th st to 54th… Still chilly, about 13c. 

So another round today, plus a trip to the JP Morgan library….

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  1. A good day. Opera as you would have predicted.

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