Have no Canadian sim card and can find nowhere in Sydney Nova Scotia to buy one. So, am holes up in a cafe  writing this. The ship charges100us so boo to them.

Left Boston courtesy of an Uber taxi, she got lost finding the ship!! Cabin is fine,, food is very good can feel weight chasing me trying to latch on…Took a couple of days to get the wine package sorted, think it was a perk for this voyage, however it all seemed like 8$ cheapies from the supermarket  so paid a bit more and am now a happy camper. Put a limit on myself as can have 15!!!!! free drinks a day…

Dinner companions are ok, retired policeman and talkative wife, about herself  and  another retired couple, pleasant as well. Policeman  is now a semi professional gambler!!!!

Bar Harbour, would be much prettier ina couple of weeks time as the leaves are still tightly furled. Cute wee town, did a tour with a local geologist, Bar Harbour and its surrounds are set in a caldera from earthquakes aeons ago. The coastline has some interesting geological formations including a whiye stripe in one place which is compressed ash!

Bar Harbour is holiday home territory to the rich and famous. Boy I bet there is a hireachy there with the local serfs being bottom of the heap. Pleased to go there though as it has featured to a larger or lesser degree in many books .

Cold wind , about 12c.


Luggage mountain, cabin, I occupy 20% of the bed, blow hole up in Acadia National Park , nr Bar Harbour,gray sea gray day.

Loved the crafty wee chair.