Day two, three really if arrival day is counted. The sun finally came out yesterday  pm and is happily shining now, 9.40 am . A high of 68f is expected today(18? C) feels warmer anyway.

Walked 7.5 ks yesterday, staying in Newbury St, walked down to Boston Common. Much popping into shops…well I needed /had to have a wee quilted bag for my earbuds….Resisted Tiffanys thought that may have been a step too far.

The Public Gardens , 1870 something are fab. First time I have seen a 2m wide 30cm deep ring of compost around mature trees. Talked to a local woman, she said they do it every year. Lovely spring flowers and loads of blossom trees, flowering cherries, crab apples and some I could not identify looked like plum trees, plus lovely dogwoods.

The dog exercising area was fun , the owners as strange as some of the dogs.

Bagel and coffee was a treat  and dinner was chicken salad at the current Parker residence. 

Supposed to rain tomorrow so better get out


Boston Policeman posed for me.

Doggy people

Famous sculpture-apparently

Washington on his horse amongst the tulips

Blossom trees

Dear wee sculpture

eeny meeny miny mo

Cheeky squirrel