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Boston 2


A skerrick of sun-truly

The Newbury Hotel

Boston contrasts

My Cobbler, Boston Common Burial Ground, Hostas coming up to replace the spring bulbs.


Had a quiet day after the marathon walk on Tuesday. Did further sociological investigations on the shopping habits of Bostonians.

On Wednesday went on the  hop on hop off bus tour. Only in Boston, no red two storey buses, one storey only and no prerecorded tour, live narration.  The first driver was very good, had those interesting snippets that give colour to the narration, second driver a bit grim, third one just wanted to talk about himself. There is a newly developed part of Boston at the bottom of the port area, huge , whole  blocks of new multi storied buildings. Driver said the Bostonians are not sure what to think of the new development. Lots of cafes and restaurants  and of course it is on the river so attractive for that reason.

Sort of got my bearings with the bus ride. It is not a large city, had a population of around 700,000 . There are dozens of private colleges the best known of course is Harvard. In the town Emerson College  has finished for the year and students are being collected by parents. They bring all their stuff down from their dorms in big rolling carts, bedding etc. First lot I saw thought they were homeless people. Then realised the anxious older people were the parents and were trying to stuff all the students junk into their double parked cars.

Had a shoe disaster, my walking shoes, fabulously comfy were looking dusty so decided to get a shoe shine. Said I just wanted shoe cream and a polish. The shoes had a nice metallic look. Not for much longer, shiner says he washes all shoes, I am protesting as he vigorously  washes off some of the metallic finish. I am squeaking as he dries my shoes and applies the  cream, nasty blotchy patches, he finally realises this is not good  and takes me downstairs to an oldtime  shoe repairer, nada. I am quite upset as I carefully selected what shoes to bring, three pairs and the other  two pairs are not serious walking shoes. 

Next day during my sociological  investigations I spied a shoe repairer, yes, give me 24 hours and they will be fine. $15. Only problem was to get to shoe repairer the next day was a five k round trip. I managed the walk incorporating some more sociological surveys along the way, nasty weather, windy and showery. Shoes are great, rather more black than metallic  but fine.

Was going to do the Freedom Walk but weather was not very inviting. So ambled comfortably shod back to the hotel.

Boston is very attractive and I probably should have gone to Salem but the energy level has not been high this week after the full on NY tour. Catch the cruise tomorrow.

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  1. Jan Carpenter

    May 13, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    Margaret…..great blogs and you are certainly doing a lot of walking.
    Boston is such an interesting city, and sounds like you conquered it nicely.
    By now you will be on your cruise…….hope you have some interesting travel fellow cruisers.
    Big storm here yesterday and last night, only cleared late this afternoon. So a wee Mother’s Day here. Getting colder by the day.
    Take care love Jan and Garry

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