Sitting in the lounge at Houston Airport and was approached by a staff member with a wheel chair. No , I definitely did not want it!!!

Flight from Montreal to Chicago totally uneventful apart from having to eject a young woman from MY window seat. She went quietly.

50$ us taxi ride into town, had been quoted 240nz by travel agent.

Had a run around at the hotel, nice room but 10 big airconditoners rattling away on a roof right next door. Offered a dog box , refused to have it, told hotel was full, said as it was3.30 pm she had plenty if rooms she could juggle. A BIG black lady not accustomed to having little old squirts stand up to her.

Got a decent quiet room with a view.

Out for a walk, three hours later back and went next door to a very ordinary restaurant for dinner- a burger of course plus a glass of wine 26$us

Next day stricken with a widdler infection so most of the day was a right off. Staggered onto a big red bus and viewed the sights.

Had a ceaser salad that night, 28$ and pretty mundane. Whoops lost some of this – inflight internet.!