PEI  as the locals write it has long been on my bucket list. I worked with a really nice woman from there when I lived in Canada in the sixties. 

Well, it rained, and rained and blinking well rained. I am sure it is a lovely island, they produce a lot of potatoes and have lovely red soil rich in  something which enables them to grow stuff! However it has rained so much this spring that they are three weeks late getting their crops in. Same story from Boston on, everywhere is three weeks  late.

So saw very little…. the bridge connects to the mainland, 12 ks long.

Quebec City-sunny!!!!!

What a lovely city, dating back to the 1600’s all gray stone and steep narrow  streets. They even have a funicular as some of the streets are almost perpendicular!!! I am sure there are malls tucked away somewhere but we never saw any

Then out into the countryside to visit a maple farm. Hundred year old trees  producing the maple water which is then boiled for a zillion ours and becomes maple syrup, more hours boiling becomes toffee even more hours and mixed with cream becomes maple butter.  We were given a sample of maple taffy. Some frozen snow in a trough, lines of maple syrup poured on the snow which you then rolled around a stick-yum. Basic lunch at a countryside restaurant, you get very used to classy meals on board, takes no time at all.

After lunch a visit to St Anns Basillica. 

A most impressive building, St Ann still performs miracles apparently. The interior decorations were paid  for by a local benefactor in the early 1900’s after it was rebuilt after a fire. Boy, he let rip, mosaics everywhere and in the lower church, under the main church they even had an Indian Madonna noticeably pregnant, hand on tum a la Meghan. She and Joseph have since been relegated to glass cases along the wall. 98% of Quebec is Catholic. Plus naughty Quebecians only have signs in French , the bilingual message   did not reach there.  

Last visit was to a huge waterfall. Basin underneath abounds in trout and salmon, yes there was someone fishing there. The sun being sort of out made a hige difference to the trip.


It took to Quebec  to get the feeling we were actually on a river and it is from Quebec that it gets narrower. Had to leave promptly or the tide would have been too high to go under a bridge just out of the city. Montreal is only 100 k upriver so it was a quiet dawdle overnight.

Managed my luggage, well not really, just looked pathetic a few times and nice men carried it-truly. Even the taxi driver carried my bags into the hotel, nice tip helped.

Montreal is very substantial and has some yummy shops. Perhaps a framed picture is a step too far. Hotel is on the edge of the historic district  which is heaving with tourists and  shopaholics. Buildings are several stories high in this district unlike Quebec’s one and two story buildings.

Large number if skyscrapers and most signs feature English as well. Will report more when I have done my red bus  ride.