Today, Friday, was the day for art. Private visit to MOMA , (Museum of Modern Art) which is just across the street from the Warwick Hotel where we are all staying-18 of us.

Very knowledgeable young male docent or was he a curator or heaven forbid, just a guide. Whatever he was good. Started with early Picassos and ended with Mondrian. Saw the enormous three canvas Monet… saw Kandinskys, Seurats, Klimts and even a Kahlo plus a few Diego Riveras….

By the time the hour long tour was over the gallery was  heaving. Had a coffee then went looking on my own. Found a Brancussi exhibition and realised where T got the face for the sculpture in my living room.

Lunch was at the Modern at the gallery, a two star Michelin restaurant. Set menu though and a private room. I would have liked to have been let loose on the actual menu. Food was good but not rave territory. Snow pea salad, julienned snow peas and a sheep cheese ? Mozzarella. White asparagus soup with  truffle infused pasta bites, lamb(again) Del Posto lamb was better and a rather unmemorable dessert, bit of this and that. Wine was good.

Wandered back to the hotel, a free evening, so spent it reading my kindle, oooh the excitement. 

Last opera tomorrow plus another lunch then the usual scramble to get packed and off-Boston by train on Sunday.- when rain is predicted, not showers-rain!

Weather is rather dreary, overcast but good tourist walking weather.