Not allowed to take pikkies in the Frick.

The lectures provided before each opera are invaluable. Robert Gay the tour leader has seen this opera about 12 times and has a musical background so great pre info. Would like to have this sort of background before other operas.

Quick lunch, found a great takeaway lunch place called bread and butter. Heaving with millenials at lunchtime but speedy service and about 12us for a big box of takeaway salads plus chicken and a box of fruit pieces. They have hot food , salads, sweety things and it is all good stuff. I would happily eat it for my main meal everyday.

Trip to 1000 Fifth Av in the pm for a visit to the Frick Collection. 1000  Fifth is north of Central Park but not too far from the Warwick hotel, walked back.

This collection is based in what was the Frick mansion built in 1913 by ? Frick. Unlike JP Morgan he collected his own object d’art. Rembrandts, Renoirs, 

Monets, El Grecos and on and on. Huge house and deliberately set up by Frick to be a museum eventually, A whole room of Fronganards sourced from a sell of by the scion of the Morgan family, bet Dad turned in his proverbial. Fabulous furniture and china, the house was lived in by himself till his early death in 1919 and his wife’s death in 1931. Then a trust ran it and still does. His daughter was on the trust and suspect she died in the not too distant past as the upstairs private quarters are going to be opened in the next few years. Fabulous, had been before  but it is still fabulous!

Quick walk back thru Central Park me oohing and aahing over lily of the valley, violets, pansies etc.. 

Half hour lay down then off to Opera three, Siegfried.This was an epic outing arrived at the Met at 5.30, performance started at 6 pm, ten minutes late but who is quibbling and was finished at 11.30. The toilet lines are fast thank heavens…standing in the queue talking to Pam a woman asked  where were we from on hearing I was from NZ she got very excited, she had met Steven Adams the week before in Oklahoma and had a picture  of them both!!! !      

A pungent odour during the first act of someones oniony sammies.

Siegfried was a bit diminutive for a heroic hero and was definitely on the slight side to be Brunhildes lover. Had a great voice though. This is the opera when the god Wotan, who was Brunhildes father and various other gods lose their immortality and come down from Valhalla. Totally absorbing, the set is wonderful, the electronics used in the lighting fill me with awe. I liked the dragon, so easy to have that sort of staging turn into bad pantomine, not this dragon, bit snakelike but he did it for me.

Only one opera to go. Today a private viewing at Moma, Museum of Modern Art which is just across the street.. last opera tomorrow night. Could have seen another opera tonight, The Carmelites, never heard of it.

€%#{*+ Have lost a diamond pendant, probably

my fault probably not done up properly…~>#%?’