…but not on the wild side…

By coach to the Whitney Museum(art gallery) in Chelsea. Almost faster to walk, if I was on my own I would definitely explore the metro for getting around. Took about half an hour to get there, to find only two floors were open and they were retrospectives from the permanent collection. Only one Georgia O’Keefe and that was one of the skulls not her glorious flowers which are borderline erotic.

The view from the 7th floor is expansive as down there near the financial district  there are not forests of skyscrapers. The 9/11 memorial was obvious. The Whitney was moved down here from central to anchor the highline. Designed by ? Piano who also designed the Guggenheim in Barcelona. So out onto the high line. This is a four k former stretch of rail way which was used  to transport meat etc from the slaughterhouses to the butcher shops , other products were transported  also. The lines, there were loads of them fell into disuse from the forties onwards. For some reason this one survived and a group set about saving it around the 1990 s.  It is high above ground level originally the lines were designed to cause minimum disruptipn, and is now beautifully planted. I recognised some plants/trees and some I had never seen before. The walk ends ( for now) at Hudson Yards which has been sooooo revamped. A 200mk art installation nick named the the vessel or the honeycomb  dominates this area. Tickets to enter are sold put months in advance. There is also a moving theatre building can be shrunk or expanded using giant wheels. 

Also a v expensive shopping mall simply called ‘The Shops’. Makes fifth av look shabby.

Lunch was very very trendy and v Expensive at Dal Posto in Chelsea. I learnt later it was 190 $ us a head. Good food but a bit stingy with the wine, two small glasses…mmm I had Colarado lamb….

Back to the hotel about 5 pm just time for a quick dash to aforementioned Fifth  av to buy a jumper  from  Mossimo Dutti one of the cheaper stores on Fifth Av. Bo opera tonight so early night.

Lovely day and one I would never have been able to organise  on my own. Was quite cold , about 12 c  supposed to be 19 tomorrow.