Good walk locally in the am, all the coffee shops full of brunching locals and the fast food places full of tourists. After trying to get a  seat in with locals gave up and  had porridge and coffee (8 us )in a pret a mange. Not as good as  the London ones.

The colourful Frenchie is porcelain on bronze and a  cool 19$k . Just seen a news item , a man stole one of the sculptures, not the dog , a more obscure perspex one worth a mere 16k.

PM was the 44us boat tour around Manhattan. Takes 2/1:2 hrs and has a full commentary. Chocka and I had trouble hearing the commentary for the talking, kids yelling etc. T and I did it in 2005 when the buildings were draped in fog and only passengers  =us!!!!Still it is an interesting trip. On the concierge ‘s recommendation Got a taxi down to the pier at 42nd St , 20 us. He said it was a difficult walk. Bah Phooey , up 12th Av turn r at 52nd st then left at 6th. Yes, took 45 minutes but saw people playing baseball plus a NY Frenchie!!! Loads of apartment dwelling dogs being taken out for their business. 

Finally came time to meet the group. Mainly old crones like me and a few old couples, one a youngish woman-well forties, all relative really….

Went to the tour leaders room, he has a suite with a nice sitting room, for drinkies and nibbles. Arrived at 6 pm, chatted, nibbled and drinkies- not much then the TL started and went on and on and on. Interesting but lecturing a group of yawning  jet lagged oldies for nearly two hours did not seem appropriate. I started tapping my watch and eventually the tour manager looked my way(he was glazed with tiredness, and voila some magic signal passed and TL stopped. There was a mad rush for the door… Oh dear we have four two hour sessions with TL… He is a silver fox who keeps running his hands thru his hair a la Rossani Brazzo of South Pacific fame , the movie , 1960!!!!

It is cold, was14c yesterday  but mostly sunny, 11 is the expected high today. Thank heavens for merino, gloves, goretex and woolly socks!!!! Cold expected all week.