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Month: April 2019


Glad I put the goretex and a big jumper in my bag,hovered at 11c yesterday. Sunny to begin then overcast. 

Attended the first lecture on the Ring Cycle- smacks of Lord of the Rings, same enormous cast of heroes and villians.

Lunch at Benoit just around the corner, set menu. Octopus salad, ok strip steak, think it us  our porterhouse cut, tasted broiled not grilled , other choice was salmon, followed by the ubiquitous creme caramel, verdict- could do better. Wine was nice.

Then a guided walk around central Manhattan. Tour manager, matthew very knowledgeable. Lever Building, built 1952, two little private parks,(owned privately as if they had of been given  to the city the spaces would have been built on)the Rockefeller Centre, and a few other points of interest. Some huge plantings of  lillies, dogwoods, tulips all privately maintained. A huge  Baume sculpture impossible to get a good pikkie of it. A strange display of flags around the Rockerfeller icerink, brown and tattered, symbolic of something.-what?

Back to the hotel about 6.30, bushed, happy to watch CNN. My room reeks of paint, got someone to open a window!!!

First opera tonight….


Oh Dear

Good walk locally in the am, all the coffee shops full of brunching locals and the fast food places full of tourists. After trying to get a  seat in with locals gave up and  had porridge and coffee (8 us )in a pret a mange. Not as good as  the London ones.

The colourful Frenchie is porcelain on bronze and a  cool 19$k . Just seen a news item , a man stole one of the sculptures, not the dog , a more obscure perspex one worth a mere 16k.

PM was the 44us boat tour around Manhattan. Takes 2/1:2 hrs and has a full commentary. Chocka and I had trouble hearing the commentary for the talking, kids yelling etc. T and I did it in 2005 when the buildings were draped in fog and only passengers  =us!!!!Still it is an interesting trip. On the concierge ‘s recommendation Got a taxi down to the pier at 42nd St , 20 us. He said it was a difficult walk. Bah Phooey , up 12th Av turn r at 52nd st then left at 6th. Yes, took 45 minutes but saw people playing baseball plus a NY Frenchie!!! Loads of apartment dwelling dogs being taken out for their business. 

Finally came time to meet the group. Mainly old crones like me and a few old couples, one a youngish woman-well forties, all relative really….

Went to the tour leaders room, he has a suite with a nice sitting room, for drinkies and nibbles. Arrived at 6 pm, chatted, nibbled and drinkies- not much then the TL started and went on and on and on. Interesting but lecturing a group of yawning  jet lagged oldies for nearly two hours did not seem appropriate. I started tapping my watch and eventually the tour manager looked my way(he was glazed with tiredness, and voila some magic signal passed and TL stopped. There was a mad rush for the door… Oh dear we have four two hour sessions with TL… He is a silver fox who keeps running his hands thru his hair a la Rossani Brazzo of South Pacific fame , the movie , 1960!!!!

It is cold, was14c yesterday  but mostly sunny, 11 is the expected high today. Thank heavens for merino, gloves, goretex and woolly socks!!!! Cold expected all week.




American Adventure Starts here…

Cushla kindly took me to the airport, think it may be the third time she has done that- thanks Cushla.

Quick flight to Ak, idiot girl on the priority trolley would not let me put my carry on on her precious trolley- said I had paid ANZ  huge bucks and she relented and said I could but added she had no idea where my bag would end up!!! Dear god where is our customer service… Stomped down the aisle like a mad kamikaze pilot laden with bombs  in this case various bags hitting people left and right…including the offending 5 kg bag.

Finally on said expensive flight, then I waited and waited, drops of oil had been found where they should not have been, 21/2  hours later we took off.

A bit of a fret lurking as to how was I going to get thru customs collect my bag, recheck my bag  and getbthe flight… Oh well whatever. Slept quite well, bed was OK food was mediocre and the hosties were almost my peers….

Made it thru to the NY connection, landed in San Francisco, made up half an hour. Apparently 191 passengers out of 30o had onward flights…many missed….

Arrived in NY at 7 pm made my way thru the maze of Newark airport  and reunited with my bag. No goddam driver with a wee sign with my name on it-nada!!!! Prowled around and finally found a victim, actually he was behind a desk and had no sign as to what he did. However he listened to me looked at ny voucher and phoned the number on it, they kept him on hold forever… eventually they said I was to go outside- somewhere and find a black toyota  something… I staggered outside, been waiting 30 minutes by now and feeling lost lonely and sodding angry. The shuttle was v expensive…never again this is the third time an expensive shuttle booking has cocked up- public transport here I come.

Thank heavens I was not over French champagned and had my wits sort of…

No sign of  black totoya whatsit so pounced on two young men pushing empty  wheelchairs felt like getting on one and howling at the moon. They phoned the number on the voucher  for me, yes black whatsit was waiting go to waiting place 2…you can imagine the chaos, dark, starting to rain and hordea of vehicles trying to collect passengers. Finally saw the blackwhatsit but about 4 lanes between me and it, launched into it, bag bombs trailing behind… a very suave Indian who had somehow got the contract.!He phoned the co who was supposed to collect me- much apologising and and apromise of a refund. 

Eventually was relieved of 50$ which is what driver said he would be paid- who knows…

Hotel is Ok , my room reeks of paint so bought a bunch of freesias , no difference…

I am on 6th Av at the Warwick Hotel which has a colourful past  now full of poseurs like me. staff are helpful. Bar/ restaurant was full so went  down the road, sorry street, to an Irish Bar, had potato skins stuffed with cheese and two glasses Of wine and slept like  a log.

Today, 26 th your 27th walked 10 ks , Central park, oooh those tulips and dogwoods  then down to my other love- Macys, I even visited Macys in Guam.

Rained like a fountain and a few loud thunder claps, lucky me , in Chicago loads of snow and airport delays in NY!!!And there I was shopping, oooh T would have been cranky but I was avoiding the weather….

Bit of a slow walk back from Macys, had lovely salad lunch in a restaurant which I cannot name, no idea . Then found a great food market.just called Whole Food Market, had NZ manuka honey, so passed the test.

Fine tomorrow apparently so will do the round Manhanttan cruise which T and I did years ago same time of year, heavy mist so did not see much…supposed to be fine tomorrow…

Meet the rest of the group at 6 pm tomorrow. Oh dear I hope they are not sheep shagger joking people… May get nasty- no I promise to smile until it hurts….sigh.

Miss my dawg….

Ps it is cold, goretex and woolly jumper



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