1. Forgot to write about my middle of the night adventure (last night!!).woke up about  1.30 am..set off for a widdle and walked out of the cabin into the corridor!!  Botheration etc. Decided to see if I could find anyone about so headed down the stairs, I was on deck 9, deck 7 a young man washing down a huge grill in the poncey restaurant on board. Explained my plight he went off and rang somebody. Returned to cabin door to wait and wait, 15 minutes later spied a security man, explained my plight, promises made to contact someone. Fifteen minutes later I stamped down to  customer service!! Why did I not go there first???Staff member cut me another key and told me somebody had  just gone to my cabin and surprise surprise nobody was there!!!

So , half an hour later  finally had a piddle! Yes, I had put my dressing gown on before launching myself out the door!! So only half asleep!! 

Discovered anew that nobody notices white haired women even when in a dressing gown!!!

Bother, inserting all the photos has had a strange affect on this post. Sitting at BA airport waiting to fly to Iguazu. Waited fifty minutes in a queue to get some Argentinian  dosh.

Photos from the top are of scruffy land  which is what happens when there is no water. Then some pictures of Colonia, cute eh, water is the River Plate which is 200 ks across as it nears the sea, differenting 

factor is the nuddy water. Then BA skyline, homeless man just skeeping on the street. Evita’ s family mausoleum, the entrance to the Racelete Cemetry.The bbq, a St Bernard friend for Cooper.

The shed in which we ate said bbq, I am sure they do not call it a shed. Resident peacocks…

Very green here, bucketed down with rain, lotsa thunder and lightening.