Gosh it is good not having to worry  about using minutes as I did on the ship. , Belmond de Cataras being the flash hotel it is has fast and free internet.

Collected at the crack of dawn yesterday  to go on a tour of the falls. It was hot hot hot, people stood  under hose pipes to cool off. 9000 people a day visit the National Park that contains the falls,  called  Iguazu on the Brazil side and Ignassu on the Argentinian side. I am staying on the. Brazil side as was recommended this hotel and it is beautiful and looks right out onto  the falls, well one view of them.

Real  mission to get to the falls, as this hotel is in a national park, have to get a 10 k shuttle thru rain forest at an imposed 40 k an hour, to the gate. There I waS picked up by another shuttle, go thru Brazilian immigration, wait at Argentinian  border just over the river which becomes the falls, border is in the middle of the river, then a forty minute wait at that border, then another change of mini bus. Go to nearby town of Ignassu  , same as Igazu but now in Argentina so differenf spelling. Into another mini bus, my fourth this time it is the actual tour bus with a guide. 16 of us, yanks, Aussies, Poms , two kiwis, one me, other a  Chinese kiwi of about fifty.

Later in the day said kiwi, chinese, told me he was doing all his travel before he got old like me.!!!

I told him I still walked long distances even at my great age, think he thought I was deranged.

Once finally into the park , had to queue and buy 26$ tickets.’The guide organised for us to go on a funny little train, more queuing, more heat. Finally got to a place where the walkways across the river starts. Over a km of walkway, all over water, muddy  fast flowing rainwater.  Saw some enormous catfish at least a metre long and big fat things. People rushed along the walkways as though there lives depended on it. Got bumped and pushed more than I appreciated.

Finally the falls, they are breathtaking, and loud!!!Some professional photographers had roped off the area with the best view, later I found out from our guide they were given a concession by the Park Authority, bet they were told to still give the public access. Man tried to stop me entering that spot,  no way, I was in there, snapping my pikkies . Ten dollars a picture  of you and the falls!  They were big men too. Imagine  a roped off area at Mt Cook, you would push in too.  !!  

Back along the walkway, everyone much calmer walking back. Tacky lunch which took a forty minute queue, feeding 9000 is not fast.

After lunch, another route to a different view, realised it was the view from mg hotel but from down below. About then the wind stRted to blow and there was a terrific thunderstorm, got soaked but so did everyone else. Back to the tea shops, some did another walk bu I felt I had done my bit, so found a dry spot and read my book 

Eventually re allmet up again and played pass the parcel back to my hotel. This time had to walk the section between borders as there was a huge protest on  apparently about lack of water!!!

Back to the hotel  after 12 hours of phshing and shoving, sitting and waiting  interspersed with stunning views.

Back to. BA today,