Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Falkland Islands and Puerto Madryn in Argentina

The visit to Port Stanley was lovely, apart from the constant wind. Cloudy then sunny  but only about 14 c. Usual hassle getting off the ship, 30 minute tender to Port Stanley , and everyone desperate to get ashore. I had booked a walking tour(funny that) and met up with my fellow 12 walkers at 1.15 pm

Walked along the main street for an hour , looking at a group of Victorian brick bay villas, the fartherest Anglican church in the world, Govt House, looked like Aucklands, the hospital, big but no real surgical or wmergency services, you get flown to the German Hospital in Santiago. The high school, but the last two years plus university is paid for and in the UK. The Fauklands are rich due to selling off fishing rights, tourism brings in some but not much in comparison. 

The war memorials, impressive and then hopped in a mini bus for the country part of the walk.

Heavens to Betsey, rough as ground and a jolly Englishman as guide. The walk was 10 ks , six of which was along the shore then across a point to a Magellan Penguin colony. Hundreds of them, they make a noise like a donkey, very odd. Quite big , at least 60 cm. I was entranced by them en masse…

Great outing, late back to the ship on the last tender but the guide was not bothered. Yes, tin rooves  painted bright colours, no trees apart from a few pines in town, too windy for trees to grow. Lots if shrubby stuff, looked like hebes…plus an wndemic ragwort!!!

Puerto Madryn

Skyscrapers, not really only about 10-12 storey building along a chilly looking beach. Todays excursion was to Gaiman a settlement established  in 1860 by 150 welsh settlers. Much is made of the Welsh inheritance. The area is irrigated by the Chubit river, the rest of the countryside is scrubby, no water!!! Visited museums celebrating the welsh inheritance. Plus a Welsh tea, tea, bread and butter and lots of cakes!! Not a thing I could eat.

Actually starting to warm up! At least 19 today, New Years Eve. Sea day today then a day in Montevideo in Uruguay  and a day in Buenos Aires before disembarking  on the 3rd.

Happy New Year.


Tried to put pikkies in- no joy!!!



  1. Happy New Year Margaret

  2. Thanks Robyn. Cannot wait to have my snoring friend back with me!!!Happy New Year to you both. Booted off the ship today and now at airport on the way(wait) to Iguazu

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