Monday? Tuesday? Lost track of the days…

Colonia is a World Heritage site in Uruguay. Very pretty little town dating back to the 1600’s. Everybody has owned it at sometime, Spanish, French and English think the Portuguese even had it. Lots of pretty houses, mainly one level and plastered over brick. A large walled fort but the old church is now only foundations.

Lovely sunny day, first really since Santiago, temp about 30 c with high humidity. Guided walk around town with dozens of other tour groups. Colonia is part of the Sacremto area and is on the banks of the RIo de la Plata. Apparently on a clear day you can see Buenos Aires from  Colonia.

It was a two hour drive amd what I saw of Uruguay looked pretty poverty stricken. Went past the field where our kiwi girls came third? In the under 17’s Soccer world cup, just a few weeks ago, fairly spartan. 

Montevideo is in danger of losing all its historical  Waterfront, many buildings have been knocked down and some are only shells. Sad really.

Buenos Aires

A quick dash, think in reality it was a slow crawl, across the Rio de la Plata and there we were in BA. Huge city, we are docked as usual in big cities , at the container wharf. Small places tenders are the norm.

Trip to Racalete Cemetry where Eve Duarte is buried(Evita), some very grandiose digs for the deceased. She is buried in the family mausoleum. Her body was moved about quite a bit before ending up here including a spell in Italy under another name. Guide told a funny story about a person denying she died in 1952 as he had seen her on Broadway in 1973..

BA is a huge city with over 200 acres of parks and some nasty areas. Back again in a few days so looking forward to venturing out. Drove for about an hour to a large Estancia, dated 1886. Watched some tango, very good, then had a huge bbq, golly the meat was good.

Estancia nowadays is really just a tourist trap with ‘sir’ living in BA. Think it is also a wedding venue. Poured with rain most of the time but just as we were going the sun came out. Land here looks pretty fertile not like  further south.

Good day out. May manage to get a pikkie in before

my time runs out. Off to Iguazu Falls today, the Brazilian side.