Which means good  Air!!!Arrived here Sat pm, hotel good, set out on foot, found a classy little market and bought a bulky little treasure which will probably cause me grief with NZ customs. I am staying in the Recolete area which also contains the historic  cemetry where Evita is buried. Very chic neighbourhood, like being in a densly populated Remuera. All the name hotels are here plus all the name shops. I found a Zara which is very downmarket by comparison. Lots of super thin well dressed old ladies plus another dog walker.

Had an obligatory city tour in a mini bus which was so high off the ground I had to strategise to get in.Suggested they get over  themselves and have a little stool for shorties. After I had badly skinned my shin suggested it even more forcibily. Blood all over the place and no first aid kit! Tied my hanky around it. Luckily at the end of the tour. Saw all the expected things, the famous pink house where Evita (and Madonna) spoke, the Pope’s former church, La Boca of football fame plus various other places of fame. I found the guides accent very hard to follow, her English had fossilised, i.e reached a certain stage and never got better, needs a few more lessons. Rained most of the morning.

Returned, muttering  about my leg to the hotel. Cleaned leg up then had a snooze and another walk. Went to a tango show and dinner Sunday pm. Driver, same company, got lost, you should have heard the Aussies on board. We went past our hotel three times. Fortunately the dinner and the tango performance where worth the effort. Golly tango is fast. Three pairs of dancers plus a few other turns, pipes and folk music.

 Next day, Monday , thank heavens was free. I do enjoy mooching around cities on my own, finding coffee shops- plentiful, looking in shops, and buying just the odd thing. Had to buy yet another small carry on suitcase, I now own four. Message to self, bite the bullet, and just take one with me.

Today , last day, leave at 4.45 for the airport, was out at 8 am. Walked about 4 k to the giant stainless steel flower sculpture  which closes at night and gently opens in the morning. Been with two tours now, one with the ship on the way to the Estancia and one with the fossil, neither stopped. I wandered around it, it is about 10 metres high probably taller, made of recycled stainless steel.

Back to the hotel to take the too large bag I bought yesterday back and replace it with a smaller one , pico gracias, plus a smile, did the trick. Now packed to the gunwales after a wee trip to Zara. This is such a lovely area, swish apartment buildings, many twenty stories, all with gleaming brass doors, kept that way by minions, all polishing away this am.

If I had not travelled from the port thru an area that could have easily fitted into New Delhi for its poverty I would have a totally misguided idea of the city. Lean to shacks, families living on the street, all there. Still it was nice to live in fantasy land and many of the people here probably are not aware of the poverty a few blocks away , or just ignore it. Inflation is rampant, peso last year was 18 to the dollar now 38. Makes it cheap for tourists. Two dollars for a coffee, noticed the big tins of peaches I pay five dollars for are a dollar here. Yummy fruit shops and the supernarkets are great too, if you have money.

People are generally helpful here and many in this area speak English. Lotsa USA tourists.

I could come back again, but probably will not…looking forward to going home and being with my dawg!  Coloured houses and the dancers were in La Boca, spot the Frenchie, lovely flower.