Out bright and early for an 8 am start, but usual tour stuff never actually got away until 9.15 as people were collected, buses changed etc etc. Tour finished about 1.30 was supposed to be 12 so we were not short changed! 

Tour good mix of bus sitting and walking around the city. Population 6 million and growing. Since the demise of Pinochet , did they shoot him? anyway foreign money had poured in and Santiago has prospered , not sure if all of Chile has. Saw a Maserati this am but then PNG has 12!!!!

Only nine on the tour with a guide , young man , who moved effortlessly between Spanish, Portuguese and English. He had been to Tauranga, said it was a quiet little place but nice- what could I say.

Lots of grand civic buildings, quite a lot of parks abd some  grand houses in a timbered tudor style now housing businesses. Think the wealthy live out of town.

Found a little takeaway deli near the hotel abd one of those bottle stores with bars across the entrance and you buy thru the bars!!!One of the states in India sells booze the same way. Five dollars for a decent bottle of Chardonnay, six for a glass at the hotel!!!

Have found CNN abd BBC so am a happy camper.

A glacier fed river flows thru the city. Prison inmates in 1820 built the sideways fountain. The church behind the tree was commenced in 1560…