Left Auckland over two hours late, no bother sat in the rather austere Qantas lounge and caught up with emails. Finally did the letter of complaint to the hospital. A jolly way to start a holiday.

Empty seat next to me so my many trips to the loo were unencumbered by having to climb over a sleeping body. Latam plane,  very new but lie flat beds without a mattress covering the bumpy bits is still a fold out chair not a mattress. Food was a bit lack lustre , v  abstemious on both that and the wine. Pity as there was good wine on offer.

First view of the Andes- I fell in love!  

Santiago is a bit scruffy and dusty but buildings going up everywhere. Economy improvd with demise of Pinochet.

Still Sunday and I left on Sunday!!! Here in Santiago until Thursday noon when I board the big white ship. Hotel is quaint and in a quiet spot, have an enormous bed!   

Will just mooch quietly about today, have a tour tomorrow then Tuesday and Wed to find all sorts if interesting things. Miss my dog!!!!









My room and tree view plus my first sight of Chile, looked dry and dusty..