Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Puerto Montt, Amalia Glacier and more

Cool weather, usually about 8 C…wore thermal longs yesterday as well as about four layers and glives and a hat!!!

Puerto Montt was a scruffy little poet  but the town of Puerto Varas about an hour away inland was very pretty, lots of roses and set on a lake. Caught a large catamaran  for a rude on Lake Esmeralda, a beuatiful emerald coloured lake fed by numerous glaciers and looked down on by Orsono volcano, Mt Taranakis twin and very beautiful.  A full day out with a nice lunch at the local Radisson, quite a different town to Puerto Montt!!!

Amailia Glacier is 3000 feet wide and many stories high. Very dramatic and even a small pod of dilphins came out to play.

Christmas Day so must be Punta Arenas. A very full days sight seeing. First stop the local  cemetry, what is with theae trips to cemetries!!!

Some lovely trees plus very elaborate mausoleums and even a little English sectipn. 6000$ for a small cupboard area here!!!

Then to the local museum, all sorts of tatty stuffed birds including a spectacled tyrant!!! Plus a sheepskin covered  throne that Pipe John sat on long ago!!

A visit to the twon square and Magellans statue then a visit and lunch in a shearing shed. Lamb for lunch, which was very tasty plus a shearing exhibition. Coredale sheep plus a few Llamas.

After lunch a trip to Fuerta Bulnes  which is a replica of hilltop fort built in 1843 but only settled for five years, no water so they moved to Punta Arenas. Lovely view of the Straits of Magellan.

Phew , long day, xmas dinner on board was reasonably unmemorable.

Boxing Day so must be Ushaia. I booked a trip on a funny lityle train which took one thru the area that the jail inmates from the local penal colony  turned into a wasteland over sixty years of cutting down the beech forest for firewood abd construction. The inmates seem to have built most of the toads and infrastructure. Houses nowadays, pop of 56,000, start at 400k so a lot of shacks and govt flats. 

Income here is about 11,000 us pa nost of Chile is much less except for Santiago.

Town has all the shops but heavily reliant on tourism.

Cape Horn. Now we had two rough days at sea between Puerto Montt  and Punta Arenas so was not

looking forward to today HOWEVER we had one of the best days ever , hardly a ripple!!!

Cape Horn is actually an island, I never knew that so we sailed right around it,57Degrees south, Stewart Island is 49!!!

It is very barren but quite beautiful .

Shipboard life, well a whole lot of us currently do not have functioning  toilets, me included, the food is less than wonderful, ok but not great, one of the American men at the dinner table was very rude last night, told us all we were gossiping when we talked about Mrs Trumps choice of colour for her Iraq trip. I commented that his comment was a great conversation stopper and what  would he like to talk about. No reply so we just carried on. He will keep!!!

Falklands tomorrow.

All this way to see a sheep shorn…internet very slow near Cape Horn    !!!!!


  1. Happy New year Margaret. Pleased to see you have not lost your admirable conversational skills, even when you come across a trumpet. No guessing what your dinner companion’s political colours are. Saw the movie about Dick Cheney – Vice -a couple of days ago, sums up Republicans very well.

  2. Happy New Year Margaret. So pleased to see that no Yank can intimidate you. He nailed his political colours to the mast. We saw the movie Vice yesterday, about VP Dick Cheney, didn’t say much that we didn’t already know ie he was president, he just let GWB pretend that he was. Those Republicans are to say the least, very dangerous people. You may have some interesting dinner conversations.

  3. He continues to p ne off , also his table manners are atrocious!!!
    Happy Bew Tear to you both

  4. Happy new year to you both!!!

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