This is the only city in the world where I have seen city workers washing the metal surrounds of a bus stop with mops and soapy water!!! Was so shocked never even took a pikkie.

Yesterday  am went on a walking tour of the central markets then a metro trip  to a HUGE cemetry, two million are buried in the main cemetry, 70 football fields in size!! 

The markets had abalone/paua shucked  for sale at 12$ a kilo!!! Blueberries at just over a $ a kilo…. mmmm

The metro is like any other, fast and efficient but very clean  and even had a harpist playing.

Saw Allendes monument, sacophagus , huge, he was killed? committed suicide in 1973 after the first socialist govt was toppled by a CIA sponsored coup de te (?) with Pinochet head of the airforce  becoming leader . P lead Chile for 17 years and killed and tortured  thousands over that time  .

Chile still quite definitely left versus right. Basically very conservative with the church in the prime decision spot.

Today, total indulgence , out for a morning on the outskirts of Santiago, once would have been country, the Undurraga Vineyard. Huge, 70% of its crop is exported. They have a smell room, with about 40 different tubes of the various scents found in wine, from vinegar to glorious amber, do not think I would like to drink  a wine dominant in its floral flavour, but a wondrous perfume.

I basically  do not like Sauvignon Blanc much (too much of it in years gone by) but golly the one I tasted was sublime. Other joy was Cematies, a lovely red, thought to be lost in France but found here, shipped yonks ago  by mistake.

I was very disciplined, only had two tastes and they were tiny. Had another walking trip to do around the city.

So off again on foot with same tips for tours group. This time city stuff, good insight into the political situation and a peep into the cathedral not quite as gold laden as its Spanish  countetpart.

Walking group was interesting, 16 people, six were kiwis and four Aus. Young kiwis ignored me so talked to a nice Aussie woman even older than me. 

We had a drink together afterwards, then I ate

my standard chicken salad from the deli next door.Have really enjoyed my days here but not over yet , have a nice little area just up the street from here to explore in the morning before being loaded onto the ship. 

Weather is  good, cool at night but quite hot, about 30c during the day.

Guess what acidity the soul is from these hydrangeas!!!