Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Wet wet wet

Did not have Mum’s dinner , innards were too unhappy to eat anything.

Next morning was given a meagre brekkie on the terrace, it was 12c , of course I was effusive with  my thanks and stamped off down the hill to catch the train part of the way to Quiroga.  Busy busy station at Quiroga plus the driver and the guard having a chat while waiting for an express train to come.

It rained so stayed on the train and discovered when I got to Quiroga  that my digs were 10 k away. Like thinking I was staying in Omokoroa but digs were up Lindeman   Rd. Rained again so asked at a bar if there was a taxi, yes 7e , sigh.

Miles out in the countryside, in a tree shaded valley, not inviting in the rain. Who booked this!!  My goodness more amateur night, mine hostess had a broken finger and Dad was useless even so she cooked a meal, Sunday so lunch is at 2.30 and that is it for the day.  Broad beans and potatoes , roast chicken and potatoes and I declined dessert, 10e thank you. Internet was very sporadic.

House was a nice stone one but cold as buggery, since May 1st spring has sprung so heating is off. PLUS I had a shared bathroom luckily no other guests.

Snoozed and read in my chilly bedroom, down jacket on of course. Was offerd some soup for pm snack so ate that. Innards are ok jf I just eat junk but add in a greasy spanish dinner and rebellion occurs.

Taxi back at 9 am, I lept in and was outta there, still raining, even harder. Train to Monforte de Lemos, looks a nice small town accommodation a bit obscure,  newish  extension added to a big old house. At least it was walking distance from the station. This is turning into Camino by train but I rack up about 10 ks just getting myself about, finding the autobus station for tomorrows Camino jaunt to  Chantada  etc then that is the last of the 30 plus days done.

Some nice views of the River Sil from the train  and about 5 ks out of Monforte, suddenly out of the hills but still only 12 c.  Lots of grapevines around so the sun must shine now and again.

Aww, just spending time  mooching about downtown Monforte…


  1. Garry and Jan

    June 5, 2018 at 5:04 am

    turned on my computer to find an email from you …shot across the screen and now disappeared (into goodness knows where). We too do not have internet and have to rely on WIFI at a local bar.
    So NO rain here…just hot and sunny.
    G has booked us to Ibiza for 3 days to celebrate his 75th
    Hope the knee is behaving now – and enjoy those occasional train trips… will get there in the end!!!!

  2. Just to make life even more interesting, now have a virus, who knows what virus or caught where but ended up in an ambulqnce and being taken to hospital. Checked me out, not at deaths door just a virus. Loaded me up with drugs and took me back to my bnb. Am feeling a bit better today but no walking not sure if my entry into Santiqgo will be by bus or on foot. After today have two 17 k days so may just make it.

    Sun fleetingly came out before but gone again. Back to gray but not raining
    Although I had a temperature have been freezing cold so writing this in bed fully clothed wearing my down jacket probably only about 14 c all heating is off of course.
    Why not get a Spanish sim card, about 30e a month, loads of providers I like Orange, vodafone proved useless, movistar ok.
    Enjoy Ibiza and happy birthday

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