Previous night in Montfort  dinner at mine hosts recommendation, a Bodegas up the road, quite classy but the food was same old unless you wanted dried pig or cheese or wine. Had the lamb chops, mistake, they deep fry them, plus saggy chips. Was food I suppose, did not sleep well, had to get up early to catch the bus to Chantada.

Another middling town, service town? Lotsa agricultural stuff for sale from HUGE tractors to stills .Market day and it is hosing down. Took me ages to find my hotel, yes actually a hotel with a receptionist and all!  Found a nice restaurant around the corner  and had a yummy lunch. Then snoozed the day away, nice receptionist organised some heat for me, only 12c.

Slept on and on and woke middle of the night sick as a cat,  nice lunch? Stayed in bed as long as possible, checkout is noon.  By  11.30! the housemaids were all but battering down the door. No way was I going to be walking the 25 k to Roderio. Called a taxi from the botel, told him I was poorly and he iffered me a bag, said if I put my hand up STOP, he understood.

Staggered into the little pub really , usual Spanish bar with accommodation above it. Could barely make the stairs, Nice landlady brought up my pack. Slept until about 3 pm woke up ceeling a bit better, a walk is what I need, so trotted off downtown.  Not even the size of Katikati, started off back, pub of course on top of a hill, had to sit on a window ledge, no way was I going to get back to the pub under my own steam. Looked for a likely ride, eventually a man I asked went off and got his daughter who could speak English, thank goodness. Lift back to pub, of course the Spanish do nothing quietly he walked me into th pub announcing probably that I was unwell. I certainly was , had started Sunday I think… Landlady said Dr , then ambulance,  next thing I am in an ambulance on my way to Lalin. Into emergency , nobody there except staff, good this could be quick. Thank heavens I had all my details written in my trusty notebook. Dr could speak English, poked and prodded and commented on my very empty stomach… She declared it was a virus, how without any tests I am not quite surd, temp was up but I was freezing. Prescribed some vile tasting stuff and some electrolites. The latter made me laugh as thru Joan I had bought electrolites in pill form as the powdee was too bulky.

Ambulance took me back to the pub and collected the prescription on the way, what service, no idea what it l cost but I never paid anything, hopefully the insurance co will pay.

Everyone in the pub pleased to see me back, Mrs Pub cooked rice for my dinner and I told her to keep what I did not eat for breakfast. Slept again for hours and was taken to Lalin next morning by Mrs Pubs son, gave him 20evwhich was probably a bargain. What kind people! I so appreciated the help.

Hotel in Lalin was very sparse and austere, mean really,.Cold as hell, went for a quick walk took a few photos of things I had seen there before when there with Karen in 2015. Was much nicer weather thn!!! Then back to bed. Woke up this morning feelinga sort of OK and thought sod it I will drug myself up and head off to Banderia 24.7 ks and 8 hours later I made it. I was careful to stop every hour for at least 15 mins qnd 30 mins for a plate of french fries at a ‘blokes ‘restaurant. More about them at another time. Weather was nice until about 1 pm when there was a shower , cleared for a couple of hours then cleared again. Some pretty walking at times.

Throughout the morning /day kept seeing an Asian couple, one oack so obviously having packs sent on…mmmm maybe tomorrow. Decided after I had my chips I neded more fluids (and drugs) so seeing a nice cafe in Silleda I stopped there, a nice Dutchman  who lives in Spain and had walkd the Camino Frances asked if he could sit and chat to me, golly that was a first! Next thing along comes the Asian couple, Filipinas who live in Auckland. Just as well I had been nice to them saying Buon Diaz etc…Stayed chatting for ages but had to go had another  6 plus to stagger thru .

Managed it and the accommodation apart from a rock for a pillow is fine and Mrs bar plus accommodation is going to cook me rice and soup for dinner!!!!

whoops, the mad shoe photos were also in Silleda and anyway we are from the Southern Hemisphere and this last photo reflects that.

Only 16 k tomorrow, yeah, more drugs!!!!