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Deciding not to do the Primitivo walk gave me two weeks to fill. Did not want to fly anywhere and have to be back in Santiago on June 30 to fly to Paris. Asked the travel co who has organised my two weeks in France to look for somewhere warm and accessible. She came up with two places in Portugal and one in Catalonia.

Aha!!! Lisbon I thought. Been there a couple of times, a week with Terry and three days before the Camino Portuguese in 2014. Lisbon was a bit sad in 2014 but golly it is now a building site and heaving with tourists, 150,000 a day. On the cruise ship circuit and dripping with airbnb accommodation. Apparently it is now cheaper to buy an apartment in Paris.

Getting here was intetesting. Cannot buy tickets for Portuguese trains in Spain. So three changes of train, needed a taxi at one stop as there was even a change if station. At Porto had ten minutes to get off the train and get my ticket for Lisbon. Apart from a brief stop in the toilet queue by mistake, I made it almost with time to spare.

Aaah Lisbon at 1pm was warm and yummy.About 32c

I booked two different apartments in Lisbon, one in Alfama, newly trendy abd Belem , been trendy for a time!!!

Managed to cock up my bookings and booked both apartments fir the same week. Sorted that but airbnb then charged me twice for each apartment. Oh dear the hassle , five days later sorted.

Anyway apartment one in Alfama is rather nice, airy and quite new. Binging on Netflix!!!

Had a meal of octopus and rice, yuck, hate to think how many days old that was…

next day had a grilled vegie salad, yuck again, ratatouille on lettuce. Been to the supermarket so will self cater and abuse the chef!!!

Went to the enormous flea market just down the road, the fleas can have it….

Going to go to a fado performance, hope she sings as well as my nun.

Basically just enjoying being warm. The Black Frenchie is 8 years old the spottyone is 2 yrs old

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  1. Well done Mrs P. You deserve your time in the warmth and sunshine now. Obviously the “rain in Spain” doesn’t fall mainly on the plain. Have a great six weeks. Can Cooper count the sleeps ?

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