After a week of lounging about, O Barco de  Valdeorras definitely a notch or two up on Sahagan it was time to hit the road again. A mere 15 k to A Rua  and only a few uppys, main downy was 400 m into A Rua. And. .. amazingly after a week of wet cold  weather the sun was out.  A jogger took the sideways photo…

Foggy when  I left my  posh digs but after a few k had to stop and shed several layers.

Housing here mainly slate rooves and plasteredblocks , gray on gray. The odd alpine cutie.

Plus some interesting machinery

Usual huff  and puff to find my accommodation, supposed to be in A Rua but no, in the next village. Also, T always hated Mom and Dad b and b’s and that is what this is. Amateur night at the accommodation game. Half finished jobs everywhere.

Far too far for me to walk back to a Rua for food so Mm is going to feed me but not until 8.30.

Some dramatic scenery

Botheration , left this am’s stolen roll behind but still had my egg so a lunch of bits and pieces from various sorties into supermarkets even had some apricots.

Room I was shown was a dark pit so squawked of course and was offered a slightly lighter version upstairs, bet there  is an incontinent blanket! Lucky for me daughter speaks English but basically

she has no clue about the hospitality business otherwise there may be more than me staying at 60e a night plus 5 for brekkie and 15 for the mystery dinner Mum will get me.

Anyway there is a train out of here tomorrow morning so will catch it and that should reduce the 35 k to 20 k.

Glad the sun is shining and my knee only nagged me a few times not really even drug territory.