Managed to fill in 21/2 days n Sahaguan eating pastries and drinking coffee. Plus bought another brass tap, has some features that the Turkish one does not have but probably both were made in. China. Posted this one home, cost more than the tap but threw in a few more things surplus to requiremnts. Down to just about three of everything and the drug pile is lighter by a third. Yip, been away a month.

Discovered a nice English speaking young man at the Sahaguqn railway station so easily got my ticket from Sahaguan to Barco de Valdeorras, a three hour train ride away and in the cursed mountains.  I also bought my train tickets from Santiago to Oviedo for a few  weeks  time( golly no 12 days time). Cost not too bad all up 80 plus e being old has its advantages.

Sahaguan is getting ready for a runnng of the bulls early June with huge barriers being put in place to protect who, the people or the bulls?

Actually  got a  halfway certificate in  Sahaguan even though I did not come down from France….A lovely old restored church now an art gallery is doing a good trade in 3e certificates, posted mine home, cost more than 3 e…

The sheep were being led by the dogs and the shepherd. Big mob for Spain and they were all being milked huge udders on them.

Finally creaked into Barco and decided I would walk to my flash digs 3 ks outta town of course but wanted my phone checkd to see if I needed any more dosh on it,  it was fine all the messages in Spanish were just propoganda. Nice man , customer in shop askd me where I was staying, he gave me a lift, thank heavens it is a steep hill. He manages the slate works, slate everywhere here and this hotel has it everywhere including place settings!!!

Room is huge, bathroom is huge, a 16c mansion but not quite a parador. Full of old furniture most 19c . Plumbing is 21c thank heavens. Menu is good and not badly priced, 16e for three courses but there is a more expensive a la carte menu. Brekkie overpriced at 10e but who is going to wlk downhill  for coffee. Pinched a boiled egg this am just to keep my hand in.. The huge black door is into my room.

Have had a  serious look at my next section, the Camino Invierno also known as the winter road or the Royal Road god knows why the latter. The guide book description is ‘ Mud, snow ,wind,fog, altitude and isolation means the  Invierno should not be taken lightly.’ Dear me no, one look at the hills we were travelling thru and I knew there was going to be some adjustments to the distances..35ks what was I thinking!!!!

Hope the receptionist  here likes me as I can see a few phone calls coming up.

Walked into town this am  and apart from pastry and coffee found a bike shop and managed to get a new pair of cycling gloves, now have a spare glove. Town is on a river which half an hour back by rail has a hydro station on it and accompanying lake. The river here is quite wide and I suspect there may be some more hydro  stuff further down the line(river).

oh yes, talked to some Americans yesterday, teacher and a marketing man, they think Trump is OK!!!!

It is colder here, have an assortment of clothes on while parked on my bed with a blanket around me! Pobably only about 12c at 7.45 pm. Dinner is 9!!   Wildflowers much more restrained but glorious roses and the broom both white and yellow is madly flowering on the lower(sigh) hills.