Of course not  it is Istanbul!

Here for 8 days, of which three will be spent in Cappadocia.

Had a good flight over, nice Kiwi companion in next seat, going to Germany to race in a gruelling 24 hr car race. We agreed both of us are mad.

Duly arrived at Istanbul airport  after a few hours in a a swish Doha hotel and immediately received a random act of kindness, asked a man where he got his trolley from, was asked if I had a coin to extricate it from trolley prison, of course not, he gave me a euro!!!

Gridlock travel in the city, and only 2 pm.Population is 18 million. Hotel is in Nastansi , nice area near Taksim the v posh part. Last time T and I were here we stayed in Sultanmet the old city where, the famous monuments are; the Blue Mosque(shut for repairs)Topkapi Palace where the harem was, and Haga Sophia, built in 5C. The latter was burnt down twice and has been a church and a mosque now a museum.

Went for a walk  after I arrived just to have a strrtch, yum, some nice shops nearby…

Saw a nice big cat sitting on a step then a few more, then saw an enormous bottle of food, one of those 10l water bottles with  a big hole cut in it and generously filled with food plus a water container. A small park and more cats and more cats, all in good condition and these ones even had houses like large nesting boxes. Apparently all stray cats are speyed or neutered , amazing and they donthe sane to stray dogs.!Odd seeing what should be cringing mangy dogs fat and happy with registration tags in their ears.

I thought we were last here in 2008 but finally remembered it was three weeks after 9/11 and of course there was nobody about!!! Today it was heaving with people. Apparently , the guide told me this, lots of middle eastern people visit Turkey plus Malaysian and, Japanese etc, no Yanks were seen and never heard any English people either.

Went on a walking tour, no other way to do it!!! All of the above are within 900m of each other.

Good day out walked 10 plus ks. Others in the group was 6 Indians, all related, nice people. Well, they were nice to me!!!Photo is the three wives, the guide and me!

Weather is OK about 20c but a chilly breeze so the down jacket has been on but sandles and no socks so that is good.

3.30 am start in the morning for a crack of dawn flight to Cappadocia!!

Will be asleep very soon as today was from 8.30 till 5 pm and think I am a bit jet lagged.