1. I am constantly surprised by the lack of people in the 2 and 3 star lodgings and I do not mean guests, often I  just go in the am without seeing anybody, mind you nothing worth nicking.

Breakfast at the train station as nothing on offer at the hotel. Good coffee, good pastry(this walk is being carried out on pastries) plus a plastic looking roll of the kind that lasts forever to take away.

Went and looked for the brolley cover, no sign so set off on route march. First 4 k on a footpath by a road, passed by the american woman, short chat, she is from Boston but no idea where she is headed…

Next 4 k was mainly on broken up Roman Roads, back in the  National Park by this time and loads of day walkers, all faster than me but with teeny teeny packs. Finally made the top of the pass at 1900 m, Puno de la Fuenfia is 500 m further up and my rock sitting lunch companion Alexander was planning on doing it. I wished him luck. The climb to the top of the pass had stuffed me  and was particularly alarming when for twenty minutes or so there were no markings and no people!!!!

Next mission to get back down to the flat… I had decided to stop 10 ks short of Segovia, so the book said, it fibbed, the distances did not add up, would have been better to have tottered on to Segovia, 31 k than sidetrack to Valsain at 27 k…Apart from the last five ks all of the downhill walk was thru a huge pineforest. Still some snow about but overall the day though brisk in the am was lovely and sunny about 16c.

Hardly saw anyone on the way down and sadly no views as the trees obscured them.

Wobbled into Valsain at 4.30 pm been walking since 8 am. Quite a few wee breaks for sips of water, no food or water a available. Guest house is new  and modern but still has polyester sheets and the usual incontinent sheet thing. No big towels so shall pull  off the  incontinent sheet,combination makes for a sticky night. Mine host dropped me at the worst bar I have ever been in, Mrs bar was enormous and son was hunchbacked. Mine host  at lodging read me wrong!!! Food was disgusting, managed some of the soup which had meat in it that was nearly green  and ate some chips and one of the fried(!!  ) eggs. There was some jerky like meat strips which I left. Some of the dried meat is yum but not this lot…

Ugh ugh ugh. Mine host lives in Madrid and has a very good job…Wonder what he had for dinner.

The umbrella which cost a small fortune has gone, gave it to a waitress at the cafe before the second section of the climb up, where the road ended. She was delighted and my load is better.

Hard day actually two hard days but supposedly the worst ones on this camino…

Sorry, lost the pictures connection here is very slow😳 managed the pikkies in Segovia🚀