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Relaxing in Segovia

Well , sort of , a few things to find out first, like accommodation in two nights time and how to get a bus for some of the 36 ks tomorrow.

Had an OK breakfast at the hotel and managed to filch a roll and boiled egg for lunch. There was a small market on in the square so bought some fruit , had to have a NZ gala apple. The vegies look great but never see them on menus only the ubiquitous iceberg salad….

Visited the Tourist Information Centre and  discovered there is a fab wee guide book called’Route to Santiago, The Madrid Route, a practical guide for pilgrims’ put out by turistico  Castillo Y Leon in 2010. David, your friends should try and get it. Would have made my life easier .

This guide gave the distance from Valsain to Segovia as 17 which is about what I thought, not 13!!!Those extra ks are killers…..

There may be a bus.  but nobody is really sure so shall go down the hill and around the aqueduct to the bus station  BUT tomorrow. About to be a serious thunderstorm  so staying put in my wee room.

Ate my lunch then had a siesta.

Visited the Cathedral to get my stamp, do not think the woman does many as she made a real mess of it.

Out of here tomorrow, quite a haphazard city all over the place but charming of course , a world heritage site and heaving with tourists, lotsa Chinese and school groups.

Selling and buying vegie seedlings  is a serious thing. My room is the balcony on the left.


  1. What a nice place for a mini mini break. Hope you manage to get somewhere to sleep indoors the next few nights.

  2. Working on it, read thinking about it! All so flat and samey that missing a few places would not be sensory deprivation!

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