After a spartan breakfast and lousy coffee set off on the 13 k trot (ha!) to Segovia. Segovia has long been in my headlights  so today was the day. Nice walk alongside a quiet road to San Ildefonso which has a Royal Palace and beautiful gardens. It is an immaculate and historical town  full of lovely peripd buildings almost like French Chateaus. Mine host had said that the palace was very understated, it made Buckingham Palace look like a bach! Understated my foot. However after reading that at my age I got in free got the pip when told because I was “foreign” I had to pay 9e sod em .. So went around to the garden entrance, nowhere to leave my pack and viewing a garden of the size of this one, all mazes etc with a pack on my back was not for me(even though the garden was free- should be reversed-pay for garden!) so hrrumphed my way down the impressive avenue of horse chestnuts to a coffee shop.i

Started my walk again, theoretically only 10 ks to go. Walking alongside a main road but on a good track.

After 10 ks just entering outer outer suburbs  so called at a new supermarket, admitted defeat and got them to call a taxi. I had tried to get on a bus but was given the hand flick when asked if it went to Segovia, heaven knows where  it went…

Taxi duly arrived, 9e , bargain!!! However even the taxi driver was muttering when we found the hotel, I was aghast at how much further it was, another 4 k most of it uphill!!! paid him 11 e

Saw the very famous Roman  aquaduct, it is at the bottom of a hill, I am at the top so may buy a postcard. It is very impressive though, about 6 floors high and used no cement, run if there is an earthquake. Segovias high day was middle ages to 17c and is regarded as a backwater today(not by Segovians of course). Has a dramatic cathedral  built by same architect as the one in Salamanca and quite similar but totally at odds with other buildings in the 17c Plaza Mayor ( main square)

My hotel is very old, even has a central courtyard where last night I ate roast piggy, left the crackling, even got a salad!!! Have put the incontinent sheet under the bed, done that a few times, wonder if they ever find them!!! So, good but pricier accommodation , even have a wee balcony.

Day off and my body is battered so needs a break, all flat from here on. Must get the next few days accommodation sorted, this is the under the fence bit in my itinerary.

Still cool am and pm but gets to about 20c , found a new thermal, 20e, different texture to the Khatmandu one but a good sludge gray colour.

Actually got a stork standing up plus a yummy pastry!