After a sumptious breakfast prepared by moi, punnet of creamed rice , a mandarin and coffee made in one of those George Clooney machines(at the outer edge of my technical capability), I set off – downstairs to get my prearranged taxi for 20 ks. Left another 20 to do.

Plus I was carrying two finely prepared bread rolls, same chef, but either the bread or the cheese was off as they had an odd smell and taste. Above ingredients apart from the coffee came from supermarket sortie on Saturday evening. I have given up on trying to get gluten and dairy free stuff, I would starve, feel a bit nasty at times so throw various pills down,  gastrosoothe is a favourite plus have losec as well. In fact I could probably just eat all the pills I am carrying and not bother with food….

Taxi man was good and helped me top up my phone, if no tabac go to a petrol station not sure what you do if no petrol station either…used up a heap of data watching the royal wedding from my forest perch.

Collected at 8.30 am and nobody around anywhere….Walk was pleasant, weather was good, lucky no rain and no real heat. Still cool in the mornings and pm and up to about 22 which is plenty when there is no shade.  Stopped to to rearrange my pack, creams/lotions and potions to bottom and socks/undies to the top. Seemed better but after 15 k shoulders were on fire again. Had one of the not so delectable rolls for lunch stopped by a river and was actually passed by another walker. Man about 60, he scurried past as though I may bite him!

Nobody in front of me and nobody behind me.

Usual wheat/cereal crops and pine forests  but nearer Valdestillas, my destination, large paddocks of peas and carrotts  appeared. Plus a cycling pilgrim. Under foot was either sandy tracks or proper unsealed roadway.

Best camino yet for not having loads of busy road walking. Drank more water today and that helped, well lightened the load when I drank it.

Poor dead baby hawk.

Valdestillas will remain in my memory for the seven storks all busily nesting right on the edge and around the church roof.

Accommodation is Ok, pretty good for 25e, complete with incontinent blanket. Rooms above a bar but the only accommodation I saw in this long spread out township.

The wildflowers are wonderful and not finishing as I am going north where it is all a bit later so should have them for a few weeks yet.

Tomorrow like the obedient person I am , am following the guide books suggestion and catching a train to historic Vallalodid then after playing tourist, will not be long with a pack on my back, bus to Simancas for the night then back on the trail again the next day to goodness knows where as when I booked the accommodation in San Pelayo had no clue where it was!!!

Two different types if way markers, change from a yellow arrow on a tree or a fence.