After two  more underground villages  I decided enough was enough but the 10C and 12C churches carved out of the rock were fascinating, tiny, so only served a small population, St Basil was one  of the saints to havea church named after him and St George  and his dragon were immortalised in frescoes in both churches. The frecoes were bettet preserved in the 12C church , more protected from damp was the guides suggestion. Remarkable really that they survived given the age and the latter conversion by the populace to the Muslim religion

Lunch was in a mad cafeteria built into the rock, a huge dim cavern where all us tourists put our snouts in the trough. Over a 1000 people a day go to this place for a three course lunch. Soup,  a green salad and a choice of chicken kebabs, meat balls or a beef stew served with rice. For dessert , baklava of course.

The dim cavern !!!



After lunch we went and looked at some formations called fairy houses, the soft tufa rock topped by basalt rock, caused by two separate volcanic eruptions.

Notice the weather is turning nasty..It got nastier..

Last stop was at a ceramics factory, family been making pottey using a kick wheel for several generations. Beautiful stuff and almost as expensive as a carpet!

Finding being a guided tourist a different experience, my fellow travellers are almost more interesting than the scenery. The Saudi mother is a lab technician and when I asked her how the new laws on women being able to drive  would affect her, her response was very positive as she said she has to go into the hospital at odd hours and always had to get a male family member to drive her to work now she will be able to drive herself.

Spent another day tootling around caverns and looking at rocks but the first two days were the best. Really enjoyed my trip to Cappadocia, glad I went.

Rained very heavily on the third day, felt sad for the farmers whose soil and some new crops were washed away and at the least were  badly scoured out by water. The land here is totally given over to crops, saw a few house cows and one scraggly mob of sheep.

Arrived back in Istanbul late last night. Mooched around my tourist free neighbourhood today, having coffee and stalking bargains, found a mink coat but decided the colour was wrong for me!!!!