Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures


Is I am sure a very nice town but again am 3 ks from the centre, blame the booking agent -me!

Dinner last night was a classic minimal star offering…

chicken noodle soup, yes, maggi followed by chips and pork snitzel , asked for sauce of course followed by supermarket creme caramel, 14 e. And I ate the lot.

Todays late lunch in above town, Sunday I have learnt to my cost  is eat at lunch time or not at all in the small towns. Todays maggi soup had some onion in it and was slightly thickened, small steak with miracle of miracles a bit of flavouring added, a herb of some sort and a homemade creme caramel which was yum  but it came to 27e so needed to be even better than it was. Forgotten what green vegetables are…

Walked 21 ks today due to a daft taxi driver and his daft passenger, today was to be 15 k so knowing about lunches on Sundays thought i would walk only 10 k of course the camino here is not well known  so he dumped me 6 ks in the wrong direction. Pretty walk  around a hydro lake but…

usual load of cyclists and should have seen the two grumpy walkers i met at breakfast but no sign…

Finally made it to Manzanares absolutely whacked, correction , my shoulders were on fire…my new umbrella toy is going to have to go weighs 700 gs and not being used.

Asked a woman with a Great Dane where my hotel was , 2.5 ks up a hill . Asked her to ring them and get them to pick me up, she could see me and was in my corner!!! Duly picked up by the husband , reeking of grog!!! Funny little place and think I was a source of amusement. Am now tucked up in my rustic chalet with a heat pump and no controller so have socks on and my down jacket plus any blankets I can find, supposed to go down to 4 tonight, snow not far above me…Very pretty of course but weird when you turn around and realise you can still see the towers of Madrid.

Another anti inflammatory free night, pharmacists open tomorrow!!!



The wildflowers  are lovely, daisies, cornflowers, poppies, lavender, rock roses, blue scraggly flower whose nane I always forgot and as I go higher , 300 m today , 600 oh joy, tomorrow, there are rock roses.

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  1. Well done, two days down, 40 to go. Love the picture of Madrid in the background. We forget that we move such big distances most of the time as we jump in cars or buses to move from place to place.
    I do find the lack of vegetables quite strange – maybe just to hard to get – lunch bars may have the odd salad during the day. Cost also seems high but I guess if you can fleece a “little old lady on a long walk” you may as well!
    Keep up the postings and remember to smile lots – what a great adventure it is.
    Hope the snow doesn’t come.

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