Would be great but golly it is chilly. Forgot to mention the clothing I had on  whilst walking on Friday in the rain, merino top, long merino socks to knees, down jacket then light rainproof jacket and over the top my red hobbit cape which covers everything and yes trousers and boots! Peeing  in the rain was a mission!!!Also kept my red hat on under the hobbit cape hood. The men who gave me a lift for the five ks to Medina said they had seen me earlier in the day, hard to miss I guess but definitely not Morgan territory!!!

Followed another pilgrim around Medina looking for something to eat, only menu de dia place was shut and all the rest of the bars were selling tired tapas. Ended up having  a frozen  chicken burger. The lettuce was OK. The guys below suddenly appeared playing their little hearts out .

Walked down a little lane after being directed to a restaurant, past kids playing fot bul!! When suddenly heard wailing behind me and there was a big bloke belting hell out of a kid , about 12, boy, I muttered bully and it never occurred to me to intervene but I stared after man and boy , man came back thought he was going to belt me  but told me the restaurant I was standing outside of was closed!!! Saw him again after the burger, he  acknowleged me and lo and behold trailing along behind was boy eating a bag of chippies… will never know what it was about and if it would have been worse if I had not been there.

Next morning I went wandering again, knee a lot better but innards in turmoil, oh well more drugs!!!

Very interesting little town with its verandahed streets and pedestrian walks, old as… Found the second best church, very impressive, lotsa gilt and carvings. The best church is apparently outstanding with an altarpiece similar to Santiagos.

No way around it had to get a taxi to Villalon de Campos so missed the canal. Public transport simply does not exist in rural Spain. Weird taxi driver, yattered in Spanish all the way, tried to drop me off at the Alberque and charged me another 5e when he had to double back to the address I had already given him. I swear half the population cannot read….probably similar to NZ. So 30e bit the dust.

Went for a walk, bars/cafes all full of men of course, found one that looked promising, a few women about!!  Had some tapas, mussels and fried sardines, good!!! Must have been a fotbul match coming up as a number of monogrammed t shirts appeared and soon the bar was full of them, Valladoid supporters, very loud…

zzzd the afternoon away….


Still cold and damp, plotting how to get to Sahaguan  tomorrow about 38 k away, may walk some may taxi some if I can find a taxi.

Not sure what this ku klux clan type sculpture is about, creepy…