Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Last day in Istanbul

And luckily it has been fine all day, overcast and about 22c but not raining.

I was collected by guide Damla at 9 am and first stop at my request was Sulimans  and Hurrens mausoleums ,just to the side of the old city Sultanamet. Having watched hours of the series called ‘Magnificent Century’ I felt obliged to visit the 16C tombs. There is also a magnificent mosque plus it is surrounded by buildings which orginally housed schools, hospitals and pilgrims accommodation. The latter buildings are now empty, bet someone has plans for them. The tombs and mosque are in excellent condition and quote a few visitors, mainly Russian as Hurren was Ukranian.

After that a walk thru a local permanent market area which was very busy. Found a shop with my brass topped tap which I wanted to buy 17 years ago!!!

Then into the Spice Market, remembered the wonderful smells of all the herbs and spices if I was on my home would be buying more than a tap!!! Whoops, guide took the pikkie cannot get it out of portrait.

We then went for an hours drift down  one side of the urban Bosphorous. Out bound down the European side and back along the Asian side, incredibly sumptious houses most shut up and only used in the summer.

Back ashore we caught the 143 yr old cable car to the long pededtrian street that goes to Taksim Square.




Do not know how the mat picture got in but it is one of the three winging its way home.


We had lunch at Haci Abdullah Restaurant  which is 137 years old and down a small side street off this  pedestrian St. I had lamb stuffed eggplant and a cold green bean dalad, Damla had a dried stuffed eggplant and salad, 25NZ for both of us. Very tasty.

Then ended up in Taksim Square, open space with a park to one side which the current Prime Minister wants to turn into a mall. Guide was in a protest  here two years ago, people were killed, very nasty. She prefers Putin to their PM!!!! Says their Pm just does what he wants!!!!

Sitting in a little cafe , watching the locals  go by drinking apple tea and eating little pastries, life as a tourist here is pretty good. My choice of area to stay in has proved to be  most satisfactory, nice cafes and interesting shops . Coming back to the hotel I was greeted with the sight of a hen being gently prodded down the small side street to its food bowl down some steps, think there must be a  hen population here as well as cats and dogs!!!! Rather like seeing a hen happily living in Devonport Rd.

Oh well Spain tomorrow where that hen would end up in a pot pdq.


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  1. Jan carpenter

    May 10, 2018 at 5:38 am

    Hi Margaret sounds like you are having a wonderful trip.
    We have been busy finding signs marketing the (way ) across to Sandiago from Bilbao found 4 so far not very good glad it’s not me doing the walking my knees wouldn’t handle it. But we are having a great time.
    Love Jan and Garry.

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