Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

From here to there or vice versa

A day spent getting from Istanbul to Madrid. More time spent phaffing around than actually in the air.

Remember all the fuss about bottles of water? Well twice recently I have deliberately left a small partially full water bottle in my hand luggage. Nada, not a squeak! Went thru two x rays at Istanbul, not a murmer.

My last morning at my nice Istanbul hotel and quietly having breakfast, nobody else in the dining room so of course it was quiet, in comes a mirror image of myself except she was from Edinburgh. In Istanbul for cancer  treatment, told she was on the way out, breast to liver etc. After regular treatment in Istanbul for ten months no sign of it. As well as conventional chemo, doses of Vit C plus a few other natural bits and pieces. She said one patient comes in once a month for four days from Australia.. Amazing!

Duly arrived in Madrid after a little spat with a man sitting in MY seat, since when was D after E….

Taxi driver here in Madrid tried to add 8.50 E to the set 30E fare, showed my fangs and he backed down.

Only had to snarl moderately at the Only You Hotel where I have stayed before, two rooms only before Madam was happy(ish) Madam thinks she has made a down payment on the entire hotel the amount she is paying per night.

So here till Saturday, will go out wandering  tomorrow and probably do the hop on bus just to get my bearings. Fridays mission is to get rid of the extra bag  to France. Am already looking forward to wearing different clothes than the hiking pants and merino t shirts. Disappointed to note that my new icebreaker t shirts are starting to rub a bit already. Cannot see them lasting twenty years….

Pleased I do not have to fly anywhere until Jul 2nd.

Really pleased to find I can access Netflix on my phone…not very pilgrim like behaviour!!!

what a star!!!!

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  1. Garry and Jan

    May 13, 2018 at 1:22 am

    saw many Pilgrims on the French route between Najera and Santo Domingo….lots resting up for the day with shoes off and many blisters visible on enlarge toes!!! hope your boots are well broken in by now.

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