Quite an easy flattish walk from Nava whatsit to Coca, about 16 ks which is what I do best. Confess to stopping for over an hour to watch the Royal Wedding. great dress, weird sermon by the black revivalist, choir was odd plus felt desperately sorry for her mother. Did I notice Camillas head had the shakes or was it the big hat!

Seat for the wedding, flowers on my pack to celebrate

Got pine gum all over the seat of my pants dammit!

Greeted at the entrance to Coca (pop 2000, founded about 800AD) by the local ‘different ‘boy aged about 30. He wanted me to go to the Alberque to get a stamp, followed me for a time telling me that. A car came roaring down a street right at him, he jumped onto a doorstep  and so did I, must be a game to terrorise him, sods.Very narrow streets so a bit nasty.

Finally found my wee apartment and phoned the owner, we conversed in Spanglish. Asked about ideas for the next night when I am bedless, I was correct there is nothing but a scruffy alberque  in Aslcazan . i took little persuading to have a second night in Coca.

Body is nearly mended thank heavens. Had a snooze then went to find dinner, found two English women, one nice one nasty. Followed them like a puppy to the supermarket, nasty one shut up after nice one asked me what Caminos I had done….meow. They stayed in Segovia and are very worried about the 16 ks the next day, meow meow

Bought supplies for a couple of days lunches, as there is no breakfast to steal from here.

Good nights sleep, good bed after incontinent sheet removed.

Read and mooched about , need to find someone who speaks English to load more dosh onto my phone…

Went to the mine host recommended restaurant for a very mediocre lunch, 20e thanks. Salad with bits, meat stew with six soggy chips and a badly cooked chocolate crepe. Maybe I just order the wrong thing.

Surprisingly the tapas on display look great, will give up on proper food and go tapas.

The dominat feature, ornamental plaster walls and lotsa bricks is known as Mudejar style and predates Gothic architecture. Moorish influenced, guess the Alhambra  in Granada is Mudejar in style , Charles V great blob of an addition is gothic. 

The castle here dates back to 12c , Napeleon had a go at it but it defeated him. Huge moat.

There is also a church and a former hospital and pilgrims tesidence in the same style. Town looks very bare currently as all the plane trees get severly pollarded and only have a few leaves so far this early in the season.

Got my pilgrims stamp done by the local priest, asked at a bar and the woman owner marched me to the presbytery!!! He was quite young but never spike to me only her!!!!