The aqueduct is huge!!!! Whoops, sideways, the Romans would be pleased.

Found the bus station (Estacion de Autobus thank you) and managed to get a ticket for 20 k out from Nava de la Asuncion. I was first in the queue but the cashier or whatever he was called was on the phone FOR TWENTY MINUTES. The queue grew to 15 people, out the door but still he fiddled with his bits of paper and rushed backwards and forwards. Suspect head office was on the phone.


Well, the countryside has certainly changed, now similar to the area between Burgos and Leon, flat cropping land. The small towns are like Rakaia in the 1950’s with ag machinery businesses and grain stores. Nava whats it where I am staying has a lot of pine forest outside it, some just timber but half being tapped for resin. The resin looks milky and unappealing. It also had a large sand mining facility which took about half an hour to walk around.

Walked on sandy paths thru the pines for over an hour. Taken me a time but realise that the pine trees I saw the other day and todays lot have not bern pruned all the fallen branches and fallen trees  are from April’s bad snowstorms. Bet the forestry moguls  are spitting.

Some strawberry plantings near Nava de .. but mainly it is wheat etc(the finger is an extra)

The hotel I am staying at is the only one in town(Ashburton of the 1950’s) and when I staggered in at 4.30 pm the bar was chocka and nobody on reception. After being ignored for sometime I waved my arms about, she had (little dinky)  no clue what I wanted, I said  Reservasione for Habitacion very politely, nada, she disappeared, another dinky, no joy, then a man came out from wherever they kept disappearing to saying,’Margaret Parker’? Finally, room  is OK but dinner not till 9!!!!!

Went out and viewed the town, bought water and chocolate at the  supernercado, yes Ashburton!!!

Have made it to the dining room, bar is chocka again and a bull fight on tv, Spanish  i can be rude about Ashburton, I grew up there.

Dinner, a burger seemed the best of a mediocre lot.

Tomorrow another flat day, maybe in more ways than one..