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Away we go again

Arrived in Madrid on Wed pm and pleased to be back in what has become one of my favourite cities.

Decided I would get the bag to France sorted, idea was to post a box of stuff. After three frustrating hours trying to find a post office gave up and contacted a courier service. People kept directing me to post boxes! A time I wish I had spoken Spanish. Bought glad wrap as have to wrap bag up- who knows!

Had a quick squizz at the Prado and called it a day. The weather si very cool in the am but warms up about 11 am but only from say 11 C to 24c

Did a gallop around Madrid on the red bus, good for getting it all straight again. Town is heaving with tourists.

Visited the Botanical Gardens, as in Tirkey, tulips were finished  but the irises, paeonies , rhodos, azaeleas abd  maples were stunning.

Had a snooze, wrapped my bag, dropped it off at reception where it will be collected on Monday all being well. Just time for a trip to Renia Sofia Gallery to say hello to Guernica. Gets me every time, such a vast painting.

Met a young kiwi man at the hotel and had dinner and breakfast with him. He works in Mali with a mining company, worked in Colombia as well. Nice to talk kiwi, we both ordered chips and tomato sauce!!!

So after two nice  full days in Madrid time to head out again.

Plan was to catch the train to Tres Canto which I did and after a bit of huffing and puffing found the yellow arrows I will follow faithfully for the next seven weeks. Path followed a river (small) for most of theway to Colemenar. Pretty but had to cross said river five times, first time I wobbled across on the stepping stones , next ones I just splashed thru  and found my boots are waterproof.

Supposed to only be 12 ka but turned into 16 as the only hotel in town was 4 ks off the route. Had to keep asking the way in Spanglish. Hotel OK but first communion time and there is a fiesta going on, 8.30 pm and no sign of it stopping, Spanish kids stay up till all hours dammit.

So a good first day but have left my thermal top somewhere plus in my efficiency to lighten my load have offloaded my anti inflammatory drugs, have not got as much as a panadol.

No other walkers but every male between 16-60 seemed to be out on their bikes today as it is Saturday.

no pikkies as connection v slow

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  1. Just read your post out to Dave & Kyle – can picture it all with your expressive writing! Wet here on Mothers’ Day – but putting the fire on and hunkering down! Take care – Love from us all.

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